Top Four shows to binge-watch this holiday season 


Amritha Suresh, Editor

Lets be real right now, there are some shows that are casual watches. Good for when you are bored or need some background noise while going homework. But there are some, that are totally binge worthy. So here is a compiled list of 4 shows, that you’ll probably be able to finish in close to one sitting. This list includes a mix of feel goods and thrillers and documentaries, depending on you’re preference, all of which are on Netflix, ready to watch.If you’ve been searching for a new show to sink your teeth into- you’ve come to the right place. This list includes a mix of feel goods and thrillers and documentaries, depending on your preference, all of which are on Netflix, ready to watch.  So go grab yourself a steaming cup of hot cocoa, grab a blanket, get comfortable, and divulge into one of these. Consider this a warning; these shows are highly addictive!

  1. You

Streaming on; Netflix 

This psycho- thriller, based on the book Hidden Bodies By Caroline Kepnes (which is a great read, if you were wondering) is a great choice if you are  looking for something that is a little creepy. The show follows bookstore manager by day, and sociopath by night, Joe Goldberg. When Joe falls in love, he falls into something more accurately described as obsession and romanticization. He feeds said obsession with mechanisms such as social media, stalking/ following, and killing those close to his current girlfriend. He’s a terrifying, yet somehow lovable portrayal of the heights love can push people to. He has the Robin Hood complex, where he kills people for what he perceives to be ‘the greater good’ for his loved ones

2. The people Vs OJ Simpson: The Trial isn’t the full story. This is. 

Streaming on; Netflix 

This show follows the dramatic twists and turns, ups and downs of the Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, the prime suspect being: as you probably already know, OJ Simpson. With this show, the LA Times said it best, “The tension comes not in wondering what will happen next, but in knowing for certain what the future holds.” The show, although dramatized for entertainment purposes, captures all the real events of the case, like the Bronco car chase, OJ trying to commit suicide in Kim Kardashian’s room , Marcia Clark’s vulnerable photos being leaked by her ex husband during the trial, etc. And as an OJ Simpson addict, who’s done an abnormal amount of research on this case, the show is surprisingly accurate, but so interesting it feels like its not. And if you’re a Friends fan, David Schimmer, aka Ross, plays Robert Kardashian in the show. It’s so weird to see him so serious. This show is intoxicatingly riveting, and such a great way to get to know the case if you’ve never understood it in the past. 

3. Gilmore Girls

Streaming on: Netflix

A beautiful mix of wit, humor, and drama, this ‘dramedy’ is about a teen mom named Lorelai, and her daughter Rory. Lorelai grew up in a very very rich household- think country club on steroids- and when she found out she was pregnant, she decided to run away to a nearby tiny Connecicut town called Stars Hollow. The town accepted her with open arms and took the two in. Because they only had each other as family, they developed a very close bond, like sisters. (On that note, I highly recommend watching this show with your mom) Both Lorelai and Rory are very beautiful, which inevitably causes a LOT of boy drama in this show. Everything from an absent father trying to squirm his way back in, rejected wedding proposals, dating one person but being in love with another, you get the gist. It is such a good representation of girl power! Rory has dreams to go to Harvard and become a Journalist, and Lorelai works at an Inn, but her dream is to open her own Inn with her bestfriend. If you’re looking for a comfort show, one where you grow to love all of the characters, this is the one. 

4. The society-

Streaming on; Netflix 

Imagine a world with no parents. To some, that may sound like a peaceful, stress-free fantasy. But for a group of teenagers in a West Connecticut town, it is a painful reality. This modern take on Lord of the Flies follows a group of teenagers who come back from a high school field trip, only to return to a completely empty town. No parents, at all. When they try to call, they realize all communication outside of the town is blocked. The town is surrounded by a opaque forest, that none of the teenagers can get through. The highschoolers need to mature, set rules, savor resources, and deal with a murder in town, having no law enforcement to direct them to right from wrong. This show is so interesting because is rises the question; who are we when no one is watching? When there are no parents or law enforcement to penalize us? Are we naturally ferocious animals, tamed by societies rules and pressures? Especially to put that question into the hands of rebellious and compulsive teenagers, is a recipe for disaster. Its only one season- so low commitment. If it seems interesting to you, take a bite.

Let’s be real right now. There are some shows that are casual watches, good for when you’re bored or need some background noise while doing homework. But there are some that are totally binge worthy to finish in close to one sitting.