On The Rise: PinkPantheress

On The Rise: PinkPantheress

Jack Huot, Copy Editor

Mysterious yet inspirational, how a London-born teen pushes the meaning of modern-day pop all from her tiny bedroom.

PinkPantheress started off posting her musical snippets to social media platforms such as TikTok under the name of her favorite movie, Pink Panthers. Tiktok is a platform for unknown artists to be heard, allowing growth for their popularity and reception. The first time that TikTok got a taste of her potential was dated back to December 25, 2020, where followers saw her counting down the days “until someone notices” her tunes; The video, captioned, “Wow I’m bored,” sooned racked up over 600,000 views along with 80,000 likes.

Her music soon became irresistible to those who came across it on social media platforms. TikTok user @watchitosammi went as far as saying her “music is angelic.” “Why’s it so nostalgic” @zedtee_ questions. “Like I’ve heard it before?”

The nostalgia might point to her unique choice of style that resembles the epitome of Y2K grunge. Or it might be the concepts and themes behind her music video for “just for me” that shows a crowd of people standing in low-rise jeans and converse bobbing their heads while their bodies stay still. The quirky characteristics of her distinct genre fall nothing short of polished masterpieces.

Not before long, PinkPantheress was getting shout-outs on Instagram stories from fellow stars such as Bella Hadid who applauded her music. Not long after, the artist soon landed an interview with Rolling Stones back in August of 2021. In the interview, in the virtual interview, writer Keegan Brady got a personal perspective on the upbringing of the PinkPantheress era. By the end of the interview, the artist inspires viewers, saying to not, “‘make music with hopes of pleasing absolutely everyone with what you want to make,’” PinkPantheress said. “‘Because if I would’ve done that, then I don’t think anyone would be listening to me.’”

The artist has no plan on hearing whether or not people actually enjoy her music, instead, doing it for herself forces the artist to think outside of the generic pop genre box. This path of individuality raises the question, aside from her use of instruments and fashion choices, what truly stands out in her music that isn’t seen anywhere else?

Teens from SWHS get into the conversation to form their own opinions on PinkPantheress’ music. Sarita Scully points out that her “angelic voice and addictive beat are reasons why I still feel interested in listening to them on repeat,”. Sarita’s go-to songs amongst the artists’ releases include “Pain” and “Break it off”. The reception of PinkPantheress’ further potential has clearly shined straight through the walls of TikTok. People of all varieties wait as paper shredders, ready for their intake of paper, or in this case new music.

Hang tight because new music is indeed on the way, well sort of. It’s a “mixtape” where she takes other tunes and combines them to fit into her own style of music. Nevertheless, fans on TikTok have nearly parched from the lack of new releases, so this new mixtape titled “To Hell With It” available October 15th will in fact be ‘Music to one’s ear’.

To say fans are excited about upcoming collaborations, announcements, or music in general from PinkPantheress is an understatement. The artist definitely has grabbed more than their attention; she inspires them to conquer their admirations that reach outside their comfort zone.

It’s not that difficult to create the music. PinkPantheress says “‘If you don’t have Garageband or production software, it’s not a big deal. Just get an instrument, record it on your phone, sing over it, record that on your phone. Music can be done in so many ways.’” What are you waiting for? Go create some beats.