“back to school”: Prowl writers’ weigh in on first week

back to school: Prowl writers weigh in on first week

This past week, getting ready for, and going to school has completely changed for the life of all SWHS students. A short time ago, in person students were walking into classrooms with only 2 or 3 other people. Now just a week later, classes are mostly full and school hours are back to normal. A lot has changed, and  fast, whether it is  waking up an hour earlier, spending 25 more minutes in each class or just being able to see peers and teachers as well as learn in a classroom.


Katelyn Drenga, grade 10:  While it is hard to sit in the same chair for 1 and a half hours, and be focused on a lesson for that long, being physically in the room and not online on a screen in the same room everyday, is something that has brought a sense of normalcy to many students. Being able to see friends, having a chance to get some fresh air when leaving/going into the building, and learning in a class full of kids, changes the whole experience of school. A year ago if I told myself how much I appreciate such small things, I’m pretty sure I would be confused and shocked. Covid took one of the biggest tolls on school and education, so slowly seeing small improvements and changes in the schedule, and finally coming back after such long time away from the classroom, is something that leaves many students at SWHS myself included relived that things are beginning to shift back to normal.  


Collin Bullock, grade 12: As a student who basically stayed inside for a six-month span, its a bit of a shock to the system to go back to school in person. But it`s a much needed change, instead of staying inside for nearly 21 hours a day. Seeing some teachers I`ve never met before and going about lesson plans is the dose of educational normality I needed. And reaping the benefits of the Senior year, something I`ve envied since 2017, and sitting outside for lunch is a wonderful alternative than just sitting in and watching a movie. But the one thing above all else that I’m ecstatic about is being able to talk to and see my friends, face-to-face. A bright-lit screen with some words scattered on it is no substitute for socialization with other people. Granted we need to wait a bit to hug until we`re fully vaccinated, but that day is near on the horizon. Before April, my day since October had felt the same. Wake up, stare at a screen for 3 hours, sit on the couch to watch a bigger screen for a half hour, then watch the other screen for another 3 hours. Eat. Sleep. Etc. It started to feel like Cast Away, but at least I had a cat. But the interaction with classmates, a new interest in my classes, and being able to laugh and chat with friends is infinitely better than what it was before. And for that, I’m grateful.  


Noah Gehris, grade 10: When it comes to education, as a student you have to always adapt to your surroundings, and see what fits best for you. I decided to finally take a look at my surroundings, and realize I couldn’t adapt to them. Days staring at a screen with barely any human interaction caused me to fall below my potential. That’s when I decided to go into school full time. The minute I made that decision I felt as if it was a mistake. I had to give it a try though, or else I didn’t know if my potential would be fulfilled to its highest capability. The night before I decided to go into school, I tried to be more prepared then I ever have been before. My chromebook was charged, my clothes were laid out, the excitement began to happen. Before this occasion, I used to wake up 5 minutes before class, brush my teeth, then hop on the meet. Nowadays, I wake up at 6:15, take a shower, have breakfast, then drive to school. Something as little as a morning drive has changed my energy in my first period class. The main difference out of all of this is how well I can participate, and focus in class, which I personally believe my change in routine has helped a lot in.