Cooking During the Pandemic

Cooking During the Pandemic

Jason Alwang, Editor

I’ve always wanted to cook at some point. I figured that this pandemic was perfect for the timing as well since I’m home all the time anyways. 

This was a cool way to finish off 2020 and begin 2021 because I was able to cook some things that I really enjoyed. 

During this experience I’ve been able to learn the basics of cooking while also making tasty foods. These are some recipes that could be helpful to make in the future when I need to cook on my own. I cooked a Roasted Chicken with carrots, Mac and cheese, Buffalo Chicken Sliders, and a lemony broccolini pasta. My personal favorite was the lemony broccolini pasta. It had so much flavor and it was very enjoyable. 

I also came across a small issue. When I made the mac and cheese I found out I should’ve left it in a little longer because it was too chewy so I just put the pasta back in the pot and it was fine after that. 

My favorite spice or add on is probably garlic just because to me it adds the most flavor to your dish/meal no matter what it is. It’s also not very strong, it’s just a nice little touch. Although it had nothing to do with why I wanted to cook I do like to watch Hells Kitchen. It’s a very cool cooking show and it’s fun to watch. 

People since the pandemic have also been cooking more themselves. My guess would be that at the beginning of the pandemic it felt like no one wanted to go anywhere or takeout anything. This is accurate because more than 55% of people have been eating at home since the pandemic began according to Acosta Report. 

Overall this has been something to during the pandemic since I’m inside my house the majority of the day.  So this was perfect timing for me to finally learn how to cook.