In Response to “The Internet Needs to Stop Making Teenagers Famous for Nothing”

In Response to The Internet Needs to Stop Making Teenagers Famous for Nothing

Amritha Suresh 


I disagree with the Prowls view on, “The Internet Needs to Stop Making Teenagers Famous for Nothing,” and it’s pessimistic view on the influencers in the media. Tik Tok Charli D’Amelio got famous on the app for her easy- to- copy dances, and her kind nature. 

The article stated that influences like Charli D’Amelio do not deserve their fame, as they are just normal teenagers. But, I think that that is what makes Charli so well- liked. She is a regular teenage girl from Connecticut. Before she blew up on tiktok, she used the app just as any other teen would. So as a teenager, to see another ‘average teenager’ blow up, all for making videos from home, doing what she loves, is not only inspiring, but it’s been nice to watch Charli grow into what she is now. 

Fame/ attention comes and goes. As the article mentioned, for a while Bhad Bhabie, was famous and in the spotlight, a couple years after that, a boy got famous for yodeling in a walmart. As teenagers, we all want to be amused, and entertained. Whether it’s someone like Bhad Bhabie, whose behavior amuses people, or Charli, where learning the quick dances she makes can entertain. 

There are plenty of famous teenagers, who genuinely deserve it- because of their talent. For example, as mentioned, the Stranger Things Cast, and singers like Billie Eilish, and actors like Olivia Rodrigo. 

There is a large deal of teenagers who are famous because they are genuinely talented. But if people follow someone because that person entertains them, what could be wrong with that? The social media popularity algorithm is quite random, but people voluntarily choose to follow and like certain people over others. The teenagers aren’t ‘famous for nothing’, if people genuinely enjoy what those teenagers put out.