Model United Nations Club Remains Positive in the Pandemic

Model United Nations Club Remains Positive in the Pandemic

Andrew Kotait, Writer

The Model United Nations club at South Windsor high school pushes through during the global pandemic finding new exciting ways for their students to participate in a United Nations simulation amid a virus.

The Model United Nations Club at South Windsor High School is the biggest club in the school with over 150 students signing up every year. Students in the club become involved and invested in debating and delegating world issues that affect our world today. The club is dedicated to educating students about these world issues and training future problem solvers of the globe.

When the global pandemic hit students were concerned about their club and just how interactive the simulation would be this year, since all of their trips were canceled and online meetings looking fairly bleak, morale was low for the club. 

However, over the past two weeks, the simulations have been held online on zoom calls between schools all around the state. The students were surprised to see that the simulations were extremely interactive, with enthusiastic moderators supervising, students were able to be very interactive with each other on these meets and meet new people. 

Student leader Keshav Ramesh says ¨It is very unfortunate that we had to move to a virtual simulation this year, however, I saw so much great debating between committees and met so many interesting people from all over. 

Students were still able to learn and have fun with the simulation and it gave seniors in the club a satisfying send-off. Senior student leader Rahul Mahesh says ¨The utilization of Zooms many tools including the note-passing feature, backgrounds, and break out rooms made the call feel very lively¨ 

¨I just wanted to have as much fun as possible with it this year¨’ Says Rahul, ¨And even though I will miss that in person human element, I can say with confidence that this was a true experience and I am so grateful to have been a member of this club during high school.¨ 

Model UN has a second virtual simulation hosted by Harvard University and involves students from all around the world! This club of global problem solvers has truly made the best of a global problem.