How Social Distancing is affecting Students’ Social Lives and development.

How Social Distancing is affecting Students Social Lives and development.

Amritha Suresh, Editor

School plays a very large role in the development of children and adolescents, and teaches them skills that they can transfer to their adult lives. But what happens when the social interactions of school are taken away/ heavily restricted? Social distancing and covid are negatively affecting students’ social lives and development. 

Reece Ragnat, a current sophomore, says “Social contact is crucial for teens to feel normal and have normal social lives. So now that social contact is taken away, not only do people’s social lives fell off, but they are missing out on experiences that could maybe benefit them in the future.” 

Sreeram Suresh, an eighth grader from TEMS, says, “Being social at school preps you for the future, but when being social is not allowed, I’m afraid I’m missing out on experiences, and that I’m going to be underprepared for what the future holds.” 

Both students, although at different ages, had a lot of the same concerns. A lot of students feel as though Covid is ruining their social lives, and leaving them underprepared for the future, which in a lot of ways, is true. At school you learn how to handle conflict, build strong relationships, and maintain said relationships. But when the social aspect of school is taken away, where will students learn these skills?

Different social events, such as prom, homecoming, graduations, are being cancelled, having students miss out on high-school defining experiences.

A lot of students rely on seeing their friends in order to maintain stable mental health. Quarantine and not being able to see them may negatively affect that.