Oscar Isaac Set To Star As Superhero Moon Knight


Image From Deadline.com

Andrew Kotait, Writer

It has been reported by Deadline yesterday, that Award-winning actor Oscar Isaac is in talks to star as the dark vigilante known as MoonKnight in 2021 on Disney and Marvels original show. 

Oscar Isaac is known for many famous roles, most recently in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as Pod Dameron. This also would not be Isaac’s first comic book movie role, he starred in 2016s X Men Apocalypse as the world-destroying Apocalypse. 

However, MoonKnight is a much more complex and challenging role due to the physical and mental strain the character endures.

MoonKnight is a Batman ESC vigilante in New York who harnesses his power from the gods of Egypt while being a rich philanthropist and suffering from a mental disorder known as schizophrenia.

The fan base’s reaction to the casting seems mostly positive. Comic Book chanelś Emergency Awesome is optimistic ¨It’s a hard role to play” says Emergency Awesome ¨But I think Oscar Isaac has the acting chops to accurately represent this comic book icon¨.

Others however are worried about the project and do not trust Disney. Servers like ComicBookCast have discussed their worries. ¨MoonKnight should be a rated R, gritty, and dark property¨ Says ComicBookCast ¨I just hope Disney and co do not water down this amazing character with family-friendly humor and whimsy and stay true to the comics.¨

No matter where you stand there is no doubt that Oscar Isaac will be dawning the cape and cowl in 2021 as the mysterious MoonKnight!