What classes are SWHS students most looking forward to next year?

Jason Alwang, Editor

The schedules for the next year at South Windsor High School were released on May 27th  and there are many different classes that the students are looking forward to. Here are just a few classes that have interested many students attending South Windsor High. 

First of all, there are many incoming freshmen looking forward to beginning their high school careers. For incoming freshman, Jonah Fine, he is most interested in taking the clay working class next year. Fine said he’s looking forward to it because he knows a lot of people that are taking it. When asked about why he thinks it’s a good class for him, Fine said, “I work better when I do things hands on.” 

Along with incoming freshmen, incoming sophomores are getting ready for their second year of high school. One incoming sophomore, Kate Costa, is looking forward to her sophomore year because she is excited to see all her friends again. She is looking forward to dance as she took it her freshman year and wants to continue. When discussing the dance class at SWHS, Costa said, “We got to choreograph dances and I really liked it because it’s different than just doing academic work in other classes.” Costa also expressed her interest in child development as well because she will get to take care of little kids and she believes she’ll enjoy it. Along with Costa, Olivia Mack is also looking forward to child development in her sophomore year because she wants to meet new people. She also wants to figure out if a career in child development may be a possible path for her in the future. Along with child development she is also ready for another year of Baking class, to  “make incredible and delicious desserts like pies, cakes, and cookies.” She is also looking forward to having a full semester of baking because it was cut short because of the pandemic.

Differently from these rising sophomores, soon-to-be junior, Caroline Hegi, will be returning to Choral Spectrum, a class that she enjoyed this year and is taking it again during her junior year. Hegi said how it doesn’t necessarily feel like a class because she loves what she’s doing and everyone involved is like a family. Hegi stated, “I’m really excited to do what I love, see those people again, and make more memories.” For spectrum, it is chaotic in the beginning of the year when they learn all the dances for the year. From there they practice those dances with songs for the winter concert and state competitions. Hegi really enjoys the environment of the class, which is why she is continuing it and looking forward to taking it her Junior year at SWHS. 

Out of all four years at SWHS, Senior year is where you have a variety of classes to take, and for Riley Lariviere, she is looking forward to taking video production. This is because she is excited to learn more about editing and producing. The way she got to be able to take video production is taking video communications first. They used a software called Final Cut Pro for the editing and she expects the same for the production class. Lariviere said that she wants to take this class because, “I’m considering doing something with video in the future.” Lariviere is thinking about her future after High School while taking this class.