The Bobcat Prowl: OUR SENIORS

Kelli Mann, Writer

Within the community at South Windsor High School, many faces in the class of 2020 have influenced change. Specifically, nine of The Bobcat Prowl’s very own editors and writers, Jillian Thibodeau, Jacob Chaimovitch, Jessica Viera, Brianna Skaff, Joseph Sandberg, Caitlin Sze, Shea Sullivan, Rachel Maher, and Joshua Hobbs. Although they may be leaving our community, they are moving forward to build their place in the world elsewhere. 

Jillian Thibodeau 

As the editor for our Features and Student Life sections of the Bobcat Prowl, Jillian Thibodeau has never failed to bring a joyful presence to the classroom. “This year’s Journalism class was by far my favorite out of the two times I took it. Everyone in this class was so nice and fun to be around, which made it such an inclusive community. I also believe that the whole staff is extremely talented at what they do,” said Thibodeau. She is a strong voice for the communication of all students among our community by encouraging each and every writer to write the most powerful articles possible. 

Throughout her high school career, Thibodeau also made an outstanding impact throughout her participation in extracurriculars. She was a part of the Interact club, SADD, and was a CATS leader her senior year. Alongside clubs, Thibodeau was also a part of the Varsity track and field team, holding the position as captain last year. As a well rounded student, she also held her place as an Eastern Regionals member for the past three years as a french horn player. 

Although, among the staff of the Bobcat Prowl, Thibodeau will be greatly missed, she has proven herself as capable of achieving great things. This fall, she will be attending Quinnipiac University located in Hamden, Connecticut. Thibodeau will be pursuing an undecided business major in the three plus one masters program. In other words, she will be capable of getting her bachelors degree in three years followed by one year to get her masters degree. Although she doesn’t know for sure, she is considering a minor in communications. 

Overall, Thibodeau has been an easy person to turn to as a part of the Bobcat Prowl staff. She has thrived to achieve things greater than just academics, by helping to build a community into more of a family. “Although I’m sad to leave all of my friends, I know the Bobcat Prowl is in good hands next year,” Thibodeau expressed. Without a doubt, Thibodeau is bound for success. As she carries her joyful and inspirational personality on through life, she is destined to continue to inspire and encourage people among the community. 

Jacob Chaimovitch 

Jacob Chaimovitch; the sports guy. As a part of our staff, he planted his feet deeply into his spot as the editor of the Sports section of the Bobcat Prowl alongside the Arts and Entertainment section. Each and everyday, Chaimovitch never failed to surprise the staff with his knowledge of scores, upcoming games, injuries, suspensions, and altering changes among all sports in the world. He introduced a new passion for sports to the Bobcat Prowl that has never been seen before. “I feel as if myself, alongside Josh, sort of brought life back to the sports section of the newspaper. When I was looking at the class in sophomore year to take junior year, Mr. Webb, my teacher at the time, gave me the link to the newspaper, the sports section was pretty sparse. I like to think that I helped bring it back to life,” mentioned Chaimovitch. With his constant flow of ideas, Chaimovitch never failed to either write or encourage someone else to write articles to fill his section.

Through his beaming passion for sports, he also was a member of the South Windsor High School wrestling team for three years. As a member of this team, he was able to express his love for sports through participation and bring a new dynamic to the team. Chaimovitch also changed the dynamic in the classroom as well. Alongside many of the other editors, he helped to create the warm and welcoming environment that the journalism class grew to be. The passion that he had for his work encouraged others to strive and dig deep to work towards that same passion. Even through tough times and rough days, every person in our staff was forced to crack a smile or let out some laughter as a result of Chaimovitch’s cheesy but hilarious jokes. 

However, Chaimovitch as a part of the class of 2020, will be moving on to a new chapter in life.  As a sports management major, he will be attending Springfield College for the next four years. “I want to get my feet off the ground in terms of interning and getting connections for a long term job,” said Chaimovitch. As he continues through to his next chapter in life, Chaimovitch will continue to incorporate his love and passion for sports of all kinds into the work that he does in the future. 

All in all, Chaimovitch has made great strides in our community. As he looks forward, he has given his friends, family and teachers no doubt that he won’t continue the trudge toward success. “Some advice I would give to freshmen is to not be afraid to break out of your shell and be yourself. Life is not a popularity contest and, unfortunately, high school can be. Just be yourself and if people like you, they like you.” From staying true to yourself to embedding passion into every action you take, Chaimovitch has never failed to encourage others to do the same.

Jessica Viera

As a senior, Jessica Vieira joined the Bobcat Prowl Staff. Although it was her first year as a part of the staff, she contributed in many ways through both her outstanding articles and strong opinions on controversial topics. “I think journalism is very important in this day and age and I hope to make a difference,” Vieira stated. She has proven throughout the year that she refuses to let a story worth sharing fall between the cracks. Vieira truly has her heart in it to expose the truth of our society and spread true awareness of it.

Within the four years she spent as a part of the South Windsor High School community, Viera contributed to the high school’s extracurricular selection by establishing the photography club. “I wanted to start the club because at the time I really loved the photography side of journalism. I heard of the idea from another school’s photography club and thought it would be cool to have our own,” Viera exclaimed. Although the club had a limited number of members to start, Viera gave herself and the other participants a chance to explore a possible career choice related to photography, like photojournalism, which is still in Viera’s mind as a possible career option. Alongside the photography club, she was also a part of SADD club for two years and is currently a part of the ARK club. 

Vieira has proven herself to be a hardworking and determined student both inside and outside of school. “My plans for the future are that I’m going to be a journalist,” she expressed. Viera will be headed to Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall as a communications major and English minor. She plans to kick start her career as a journalist, in hopes of finding true success and joy within this field of work. 

In the end, Vieira, who strongly believes in both activism and advocacy, has set herself up for a hopeful future in journalism. As a journalist, she hopes to be successful and help to inflict change among the world. Undoubtedly, as Vieira continues to carry on her ability to stand up against what is wrong, she is destined to continue to change the community atmosphere into the peaceful and courageous energy that she radiates.

Brianna Skaff 

One voice you will never fail to hear when something goes wrong is the voice of Brianna Skaff. Skaff’s positive energy has been a constant turning point for the classroom atmosphere, as well as the community atmosphere. She was an editor of both the Student Life and Opinion sections of the Bobcat Prowl. As both a leader and a friend, Skaff never failed to encourage classmates to be both the best people and best writers they could be all year long. She contributed to the English department in multiple ways as an editor of both the newspaper and magazine, as well as a tutor. “I hope that through all the teaching, editing, and formatting, I’ve been able to inspire people, and be there for people whenever they need help,” Skaff exclaimed. Clearly, she is dedicated to helping others through both inspiration and guidance. 

Alongside the help she supplied within the English department, Skaff also found enjoyment in getting involved in extracurriculars. As a part of the National Honors Society, she participated in many of the events related to this society. Additionally, Skaff was a part of both the swim and dive team and track and field team at South Windsor High School. As a leader in our class, she undoubtedly helped to influence change within the many extracurriculars she was a part of.  

Although she may be graduating and leaving the Bobcat Prowl, it is not the end of her career in journalism. This fall, she will be continuing her education at Rutgers University as a journalism major. As she continues on her path to becoming a journalist, her ability to be a leader under every circumstance qualifies as strong reassurance of her pending success. 

Overall, Skaff has left a lasting impact on our school community through both the English department and as a Bobcat Prowl editor. Within the next chapter of her life, her hope is to continue to have long lasting impacts on the community. “My biggest hope for the future is that I can change the world in some way. I know it’s a cliche, but if I could be a part of making the world a better place, I’d love to do it,” Skaff expressed. Skaff’s dedication to making change in any way she can will leave an everlasting effect on both our school community, and someday the world.

Joseph Sandberg 

Throughout the year, Joe Sandberg and his outgoing personality have both been crucial for his position as one of the editors for the Bobcat Prowl. As the leader of our photos section, Sandberg was in charge of making sure the photo galleries that were released were top of the line and intriguing. His lack of fear when it comes to communication enabled him to be an easy out as someone to talk to when help is needed in class. Sandberg never feared the idea of sharing his raw and well-thought out opinions that were capable of sparking a discussion. 

Sandberg’s outgoing personality reflected through the leadership that he showed even within extracurricular activities. “Throughout the four years here at South Windsor High School, I was a part of the CATS leadership club which helps the freshmen learn about the school. I was also a part of the Bobcats Vote club which helps seniors that are able to vote, learn how to vote,” Sandberg mentioned. Alongside his involvement in clubs, Sandeberg was also involved in athletic extracurriculars as he was a teammate on both the baseball and soccer teams. Among his extracurriculars, Sandberg showed no fear at getting involved to better himself and others within the community. 

Next to many of the other seniors leaving the Bobcat Prowl, Sandberg’s career within journalism does not end here. In the fall, he will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University. At Eastern, he is majoring in journalism and news media studies in hopes to someday make strides within these fields of work 

In conclusion, throughout his high school career, Sandberg has continuously expressed his will to be a leader through clubs, sports, and the Bobcat Prowl. “My biggest contribution to the newspaper was my capstone and getting all of the funding for our fall edition of the magazine,” he explained. Although his accomplishments as a part of the Bobcat Prowl may not directly carry over, Sandberg is bound to find success based on the leadership abilities he proved throughout his high school career.

Caitlin Sze 

As a writer in our journalism class, Caitlin Sze has contributed to the Bobcat Prowl in numerous ways. Sze contributed to every section of the article, but wrote some of the most important articles for the sports and features sections. She helped to shape the welcoming atmosphere among that staff community by making sure every opinion was heard. Sze also never feared voicing her own opinion through articles and discussions. 

Outside of her position as a writer on the Bobcat Prowl staff, Sze was involved in many other extracurriculars. For clubs, she participated in Science Olympiad, model united nations, and interact. Additionally, she was the Vice President of the future health professional club and participated as a tutor at the writing center at South Windsor High School. On top of the clubs that she participated in, she is a member in both the national honors society and the Rho Kappa Latin honors society. Sze is also captain of the varsity girls tennis team and has been playing for the high school since she was a freshman. Sze has clearly shown that she is capable of balancing and participating in many things all at once. Her ability to always stay positive appears to be a true driving force among all of her success. 

As she moves on through life, she will continue to carry her positivity through college. For the upcoming four years, Sze will be continuing her education at Assumption College. “As of right now, I am undecided but will want to pursue a career in either English, marketing, or nutrition,” Sze stated. Alongside continuing her academic career at Assumption, she will also continue her athletic career playing varsity tennis for Assumption. 

All in all, Sze has proven herself as a well-rounded, humble, and positive figure in society today. “One piece of advice I would give to an incoming freshman would be; take risks. Although it may sound cheesy but I would also say be true to yourself in high school. Don’t try to compete against anyone else or be someone else because everyone is different,” Sze exclaimed. Obviously, Sze has never failed to rise higher than before after facing a challenge in life. Through both sports, clubs, and even as a writer on the Bobcat Prowl staff, Sze helped show everyone that it was okay to be different and express opposing opinions.

Shea Sullivan 

Each and everyday, the community could count on some encouragement from Shea Sullivan. Sullivan’s instinct is to do great, and encourage others to do the same. “I think my biggest contribution to our school and newspaper was encouraging other writers and helping them do their work,” Sullivan claimed. Even when it wasn’t her responsibility, she found a reason to help others strive to write the best articles that they could. As a writer on our staff, she made great strides through writing her own articles and helping others write some of their best pieces. 

Although she was an important element in the dynamics of the Bobcat Prowl staff, Sullivan also participated in other extracurriculars. She is a participant in both the book club and interact club. Additionally, she worked as a part of both the school newspaper staff  and the yearbook committee. “Push yourself out of your comfort zone and get involved,” Sullivan encouraged. Without a doubt, the encouragement that she used to help other members of the Bobcat Prowl carried over to her place among these extracurriculars. Sullivan has proved herself to push herself to thrive as high as she can, while encouraging others to do the same. 

As Sullivan graduates high school, she will continue her academic career at Eastern Connecticut State University. Although she is undecided, she is interested in possibly majoring in either English or psychology. In the future, she is not really sure what she would like to do after college, but is considering becoming a teacher. “My biggest hope for the future is that I get a job I really enjoy,” Sullivan announced. 

Overall, Sullivan’s heart of gold has been reflected through the impact that she had on both our school community and the Bobcat Prowl. As Sullivan continues to carry the goodness within her heart throughout life, she has proven that with her encouragement for self and others that she is capable of finding success wherever she pursues it.

Rachel Maher 

As a part of the Bobcat Prowl staff this year, Rachel Maher was a hard-working writer. Throughout her experience as a writer, she continued to thrive above in every way possible as a way to improve both the school newspaper and her own personal writing skills. “I think my largest contribution to the school community would probably be becoming a part of the journalism class and being able to publish articles that our fellow classmates would be interested in and want to read,” Maher said. Although she found success writing articles in many different categories, Maher felt her most successful articles are features. “It was a great way to meet new people and learn new things about them. Within the Bobcat Prowl staff, Maher never failed to shine through. She was determined to make every article she wrote both as perfect as it could be and as intriguing to multiple audiences as possible.

As a Bobcat Prowl Staff member, Maher proved herself as a joyful peer and a leader. She also proved these qualities through the multiple extracurriculars she participated in. Since freshman year, she has been a part of the interact volunteering club. On top of the interact club, she joined the golf team as a sophomore. As a member of the golf team, she helped to get it up on its feet. She continued as a member of the girl’s golf team for the rest of her high school career. 

Next year, Maher will continue her academic career at Eastern Connecticut State University. At Eastern, she will be studying early childhood education. Additionally, she will also be studying developmental psych. As she continues on through life, she has proven herself to be capable of staying curious and determined to better herself and the community. “My biggest hope for the future is to make an impact on other people’s lives and be able to contribute to my community around me wherever that will end up being.  

In the end, Maher helped to revolutionize the Bobcat Prowl. She continuously sprouted new and unique ideas for articles, all of which had the embedded purpose of intriguing an audience. As life carries on for Maher, she is capable of battling any challenge put in front of her. Without a doubt, Maher will continue to thrive within academics, future careers and the community. She will proceed to stay open, warm and welcoming to whatever and wherever life brings her.

Joshua Hobbs 

Within the world today, both news and politics are some of the most crucial topics in society. In our school, Josh Hobbs, editor for the News and Politics section of the Bobcat Prowl, takes politics and news just as seriously as they truly are. “I think my biggest contribution was both as an editor and a writer. I really enjoyed editing other people’s articles and giving them feedback. I also really like researching a story and writing my own thoughts about it,” he explained. Among class discussions, Hobbs took every opportunity he could to speak up against false information or share another side of every story. His passion for politics was consistently beaming throughout every idea he shared. 

Alongside his passion for politics and journalism, he also was passionate about sports inside and outside of the Bobcat Prowl. As a part of the Bobcat Prowl, he enjoyed contributing to the sports section with a variety of articles. Outside of the Bobcat Prowl, Hobbs played football for the South Windsor High School team. However, football was not the only extracurricular Hobbs participated in. He also found enjoyment singing as a part of the high school’s choral programs. 

After high school, Hobbs plans to attend two years of college at Manchester Community College and then transfer to another school. “My plan after high school is to start my own media thing, whether it be YouTube, writing more articles, etc.,” Hobbs revealed. Throughout this journey, the passion he reflects for spreading awareness and informing the public is bound to pay off. 

In the end, Hobbs may be leaving the Bobcat Prowl, but he is still determined to carry on and build a place for himself within the world through the media. He finds enjoyment in hunting and researching articles, which will continue to reflect through the future as he continues to grow in the media industry. Throughout every situation, Hobbs never waived his passion for politics, news, journalism, research, and editing. He never feared the idea of sharing his opinions, even if they were different. All in all, Hobbs, as a part of the Bobcat Prowl, was a constant source of encouragement and ideas for the staff. He possessed a passion for what he did, like no other.



Overall, each and every one of the seniors on the Bobcat Prowl staff, built a place for themselves within our community and the newspaper. As each day passed, all of them proved that they were capable of being better than they were yesterday. Undoubtedly, all of our seniors graduating in the class of 2020 have learned to face adversity first hand. As they move on through life, they will continue to tackle any challenge in front of them. Dreams will be reached, and they will be remembered!