I Am So Bored and It Feels Like I Have Nothing to Do

Joe Sandberg, Editor

Question: What can I do to not be bored during this time?


Dear Anonymous,

I understand how you feel and you are not alone. As being quarantined and ordered to stay home by many public officials and the government, it can become very boring. Luckily, I am here to tell you that there are many productive things to do at home while we are stuck not able to go anywhere, at least if you are listening to the news and going by what they are saying. 

But, that brings up the first thing that has been talked about a lot is the social distancing. I want to bring that up but for being outside. A lot of people think they need to stay inside in order to be totally free which is true. But, if you happen to be out in your yard kicking a ball around or shooting hoops, you are most likely going to be just fine unless a bunch of people decide to show up randomly. I don’t think that is likely to happen to you so you are in luck. If you are an athlete this is the time to get your home training in. There are plenty of workouts to do at home even if you don’t have weights. You can also make certain things out of materials you find. For the most part, you can do lots of cardio, go for runs/jogs, push ups, and much more. The online fitness world is very active in keeping others active so it is very easy to look up workouts from home. This is a great way to take up time while doing something that should be fun and very healthy. 

On another note, as you only go grocery shopping so often, when you do, make sure to look at things you want. Baking and cooking is a great way to spend time while being quarantined. Making foods that taste great is an easy and fun way to stay positive during this time. It also provides a unique way to spend your time and you have a wide variety to choose from. Recipes are nearly endless when it comes to food. So make up your own and try to create stuff your family will like or make something they’ve never heard before. Surprise them with your cooking skills and see how they like it. During this time you may be stuck to only so many foods that you are eating over this time so it really lightens the mood when you change things up and are able to do something new. 

For a lot of you, it seems that you have already watched all the shows possible and you have binge watched everything which may seem like the end of the world because there isn’t anything else to watch or take up your time. So instead there have been some unique things that google has done like create a chrome extension so that you and your friends can watch Netflix together. This has worked very well from a couple of people that I have heard from. If you are not into doing that, well the suggestion is to drop everything that has to do with electronics. Now is the time to see what you can make out of your day without electronics. Of course music is always an option too and I really recommend it at this time because it can bring peace to all of the stress that is going around. If you are over the new music and all of the music you already listen to, I suggest venturing out into new genres. Some that you have never listened to maybe or some that you have but didn’t really like at first. Your feelings could have changed over time and now you have a new playlist with new music. 

Overall, I think the best things you can do at this time are get outside and breathe the fresh air. Don’t stress as much about everything because everyone is all in the same boat. People should be enjoying this time instead of panicking at every moment. You should find new and unique ways to do things. Search up DIY’s that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. There are many ways to take up your time and not be bored. That is my answer to helping you not get stuck and bored during this time.