These Bottom Five Teams in the NBA have Incredibly Bright Futures…Here’s Why

During the NBA season, many casual fans look to the top teams in the league. In this case, the Celtics, Bucks, Heat, Raptors, Lakers, Nuggets, and Clippers dominate the talk. However, there are five teams in particular that I want to talk about that have a very bright next few years ahead of them. These teams would be the Cavaliers, Hawks, Kings, Knicks, and Grizzlies. These bottom six teams may be on the outside looking in right now, but in a few years’ time, they could be the talk of the NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The addition of top rebounder Andre Drummond at the Trade Deadline puts the Cavs in an interesting position this offseason. Cleveland can choose to resign the impending free-agent long term or they can let him walk in free agency. Since the 26-year-old will likely ask for a very large contract if he becomes a free agent, resigning him will ensure that he becomes part of the Cavs future. Even if Cleveland doesn’t resign him, young assets like SGs Collin Sexton and Dante Exum as well as PG Darius Garland showing promise as the future of the Cavaliers as is, not to mention plenty of picks in the draft for the next few years.

Atlanta Hawks

Of the five teams on this list, I am definitely most excited about the Atlanta Hawks and their future. They had incredible pieces to build around at the beginning of the 2019 Draft in PG Trae Young, SG Kevin Huerter, and PF John Collins. The Draft saw SFs De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish join the Hawks. The addition of big man Clint Capela at the deadline cemented the Hawks as a very young group that can develop the guys they want and trade away the guys they don’t want for a big name superstar that can put Atlanta back into the playoff picture in a matter of a few years.

Sacramento Kings

If the Hawks are the team I am most excited for, the Kings are a very close second. I say this because the Kings have the opportunity to steal a playoff spot this year if they can’t do it next year. If C Marvin Bagley III can stay healthy, he has the opportunity to play alongside De’Aaron Fox at PG and either Buddy Hield or Bogdan Bogdonavić at SG, depending on if Bogdonavić resigns or not. One big star in the offseason or trade deadline next year could put the Kings over the hump and into the playoff talk.

New York Knicks

The Knicks are my team, so you’d imagine why I’ve been frustrated with them since 2013. However, I am a firm believer that the Knicks have a bright future. With SF RJ Barrett, PG Dennis Smith Jr, and C Mitchell Robinson being young focal points on the team, the Knicks have enough cap space to bypass a rather scarce free agency class this year to pick up a big-name free agent next year. The Steve Mills Era is upon us, and things already look good for this struggling team that has failed to find their identity for a while now.

Memphis Grizzlies

A casual fan will look at this, then look at the standings and say ‘why in the world are the Grizzlies on this list? They’re the 8th seed in the Western Conference!’ To that, I would say: yes! But PG Ja Morant is only 20 and will likely win Rookie of the Year. C Brandon Clarke is 23 and PF Jaren Jackson Jr is also 20. There is plenty of youth, a lot of potential, AND they are in a playoff spot this year. That should prove something right away. They should be able to hang onto their assets for a long time and find some success in those years.