Meet the Bobcat Vote! Club

Josh Hobbs, Editor

With 2020 finally here, lots of eyes start to shift towards the many upcoming democratic primaries, and sooner or later, the general election. This general election is one that is slated to go down in the history books, with the stakes at all-time highs. The entire country saw how critical voting was in the previous presidential election back in 2016, as several states came down to only a handful of votes. 

Not only does the 2020 election provide a list of new candidates to support, but introduces a whole new wave of young voters that will be eligible to vote. With the estimated amount of new eligible voters for the 2020 election, the candidate who ends up winning the young people vote, should have a massive advantage in achieving the presidency come November. 

At South Windsor High School, there are a number of students this election year who are eligible to vote in the general election. Fortunately, students who will turn 18 by Nov 3rd, 2020, are eligible to vote in the general election and the Connecticut Primary in April. Typically, teenagers don’t have a great reputation of coming out to vote, but fortunately, Bobcats Vote Club is here to help change that narrative. 

This year, new eligible voters will have more of an access to register (if they haven’t already done so), with the help of Bobcats Vote! 

“Bobcats votes was started by several politically active Juniors last year,” said History teacher John Garrish, “Most political organizations exist to push an agenda or to benefit one side of things, but the students in Bobcats Vote simply want to encourage everyone’s ability to participate in the political process.”

Members of the club actively work to promote students registering to vote, and will organize a voter drive for anyone who is unregistered. 

“The club’s primary goal is to help students that will be of voting age by election day on November 3rd to register.  If they so choose, they can become a member of one of the political parties offering a primary in Connecticut, and vote in those elections in April.” 

“We will be holding several Voter Registration drives in the coming months to try and sign up as many people as possible before the primary,” explained Mr. Garrish.

If students would like to help this worthy cause, please contact either Mr. Garrish, or senior Braden Mignault, the student leader of the club. Anyone can join the club, but at the very least the club would like you to participate in this very important election. Braden Mignault believes it is critical that the youth of America have their voices heard and his message to the SWHS student body is, “Just make sure that you get out and get involved. The biggest thing that keeps our system of government  working is people doing their part and that starts with all of us.”