The Teen Movie Of The Summer: Booksmart

The Teen Movie Of The Summer: Booksmart

Mariella Novo

As the summer begins, a variety of films are being released- and ‘Booksmart’ in just perfect timing for the year.

The film ‘Booksmart’ explores the world of 2 teenage girls played by Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Denver as they approach their high school graduation. Realizing that they’ve never really partied like everyone else but instead spent all their time on school (which grants them great futures at Yale and Columbia), they decide that as the year ends and they’ve worked so hard, it’s time to have one great big time of fun like they’ve never had before.

Perfect for teens graduating at this exact time of the year with their own best friends, the film, directed by Olivia Wilde, brings a new coming of age movie to theaters that can relate to so many teens, including myself, at this time.

Following plots between the warm hearted chemistry of two best friends, an openly gay main character, and the soft, fun idea of a comedy about girls. One of the greatest things about this movie is just that. For promotion included a series of posters following in the footsteps of iconic teen comedy movies just like this one but with boys- such as Superbad (with Jonah Hill, Beanie Feldstein’s older brother), Clueless, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc.

While the film may not be as diverse as we continue to hope for coming of age teen movies in the future, a loving film including a main gay character that’s a girl take a step forward for popular movies, showing the importance between friends, grades, and the exploration of life. And hopefully more movies like this in the future for all types of teenagers.