Michelle Labonte’s Experience With Basketball

Michelle Labonte’s Experience With Basketball

Mariella Novo

Michelle Labonte, shooting guard for the Girls Basketball team has had a lot to accomplish and learn over the years, and especially this year as it comes to the end of an era in the last season of her senior year. In girls basketball overall this year, they were able to make it to state tournaments as the season went on, but fell out towards the end of the game.

Despite basketball taking up a lot of her time with the constant work along with the troubles of senior year and life, “It was easy to balance schoolwork and sports. You just have to learn to manage your time! We would practice Monday through Saturday for two hours each day, other than the days when we had games. It takes a huge chunk of time and requires a lot of commitment, but it’s doable.”

As someone who’s been playing committed to basketball all four years of high school and before then, the game has been a huge part of her life. “If anything, basketball is something that helps your senior year along with any other sport. It’s a great way to wrap up your high school with your teammates and also when school is stressing you out- it’s honestly a great way to let out all the stress and just play basketball and forget about all the other stuff in your life.”

After all these years, Michelle will be attending and continue to play the sport at Keene State College in New Hampshire for her freshman year starting in the fall.