SWHS Substitute: Mr. Soucy

Mr. Soucy, substituting in Mrs. Howard’s class.

Mr. Soucy, substituting in Mrs. Howard’s class.

Mariana Rule

South Windsor High School has many substitutes, but there are a few favorites that are seen around the school on a regular basis. One of the returning teachers is Mr. Soucy, a man who is well seasoned in many aspects of life. Soucy enjoys spending his time doing a multitude of different activities.

Soucy has had the opportunity to travel across the world and experience many new cultures. He began his travelling expeditions when he joined the military; his intentions for enlisting included free schooling as well as the ability to see the world. Soucy ended his career as a captain in the infantry after 14 ½ years. Joining the military allowed Soucy to go to college for free as long as he attended a state school; he received a bachelor’s degree in political science, specializing in Soviet and Eastern European studies.

Soucy also used the military as a starting point for all of his world travelling. He has visited a multitude of countries including England and the Czech Republic. Soucy highly recommends that “everybody should travel.” In his opinion, the best way to travel is with few plans. He shares that “I’ve had the best experiences while traveling when I get lost. I find the little hole in the wall places by going down random alleys.”

His hobbies also include fixing up old cars. He owns a multitude of vehicles including a ‘34 Ford Tudor, ‘69 Mustang Cobra, ‘66 MG Midget, ‘78 Triumph Spitfire, Dodge Neon, Dodge Dakota, and a Hummer. He and a family member spend a lot of their free time working on cars together and really enjoy the projects.

Overall, .Soucy really enjoys being a substitute teacher here at the high school that he attended. He wishes that the yearly tradition that surrounds his favorite high school memory. His favorite memory “from high school was at the tobacco barn that used to be across the street. The graduating class used to paint the year on the side of the barn. It took my 2 friends and I 2 days to paint it.” Soucy loves to watch how the school changes over time and being able to work with students.