What are students doing over April break?

New York City

New York City

Katelyn Macomber

As the days are counting down students are getting plans set for their last school vacation of 2018-19 school year. April vacation includes students going on college visits, traveling or simply spending the day sleeping. April break being the last chance to sit back and relax before the end of school until summer meaning students are very excited for the much needed time off.

Senior, Brady Ward, plans on spending his break focusing on baseball and not worrying about homework. Ward states “it’s a lot easier to focus on a sport when your not exhausted after spending the day in school and worrying about homework.” The free time helps students enjoy what they want to do such as sports like baseball. Another student plans on celebrating her birthday. Senior, Geena Tine, has plans to celebrate with her friends by traveling to West Hartford for dinner. Tine claims, “knowing all my friends are gonna be around for the week gets me excited to know that I can do things with them all week.” The down time allows Tine and her friends to go out and enjoy a birthday celebration without her friends being busy. Sophomore, Emma Small, is traveling to New York to enjoy a few nights and experience the city. Small explains “having time off lets me enjoy things and make more memories.” On the other hand senior, Emma Karim, will be traveling to Florida to “enjoy the warmth and beaches.” Even though she is interested in going to college there this time is more for being in Florida and enjoying break.

April break allows students to enjoy the beginning of the warmer weather and also de-stress from school and homework. Whether it’s on a beach in Florida, in the streets of New York, on a baseball field or dinner with your friends students all around South Windsor High School will be enjoying their time off.