National Puppy Day!

Brianna Skaff, Editor

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  • Freya is a rescue and loves to play catch. Owner: Shea Sullivan

  • Loki’s birthday was on National Puppy Day and he turned 6! Owner: Shea Sullivan

  • Carver likes peanut butter, chasing squirrels, swimming, and the snow. Owner: Lucie Dombroski

  • Kaiser loves to play in the snow. Owner: Sam Ostrowski

  • Zeus loves to play in the snow. Owner: Sam Ostrowski

  • Paxton loves to wear sweaters. Owner: Victoria Gagain

  • Chili Bean likes to sleep under the covers. Owner: Victoria Gagain

  • Daisy is a 13 year old jack russell terrier named Daisy, who tends to skip when she goes for a walk. Owner: Lizzy Poulin

  • Charlie is an 11 year old bijon-shitzy mix that likes to play with his owner’s 15 month old brother, as well as with his dog bed and toys. Owner: Josh Hobbs

  • Sadie is 4 years old and her favorite show to watch is “Lucky Dog” Owner: Jillian Thibodeau

  • Marley was rescued over the summer and was picked from a litter of brothers and sisters like her. Owner: Anna Garvey

  • Gus greets everyone with his favorite toy, an apple. Owner: Jess Polito

  • Lacey loves to “sing” along to saxophone playing. Owner: Jess Polito

  • Hunter is originally from Arkansas, so the first time he came to CT and saw snow, he laid in it for 20 minutes. Owner: Joe Sandberg

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