SWHS Senior Superlatives

Jon Figueroa won the class of 2019s life of the party superlative.

Jon Figueroa won the class of 2019’s “life of the party” superlative.

Katelyn Macomber

For several years the yearbook has included special recognition for seniors. This recognition is something memorable for senior to remember due to having people win certain traits. Some examples are best eyes, best smile, most athletic, class clown, etc. Students are chosen by a google form which seniors fill out of who they believe fits best. Leaving the decision up to the students makes the superlatives most accurate by having students vote and then the most votes wins.

Senior, Khalise Harris was won class clown as she claims because she “always puts a smile of anyone’s face.” Students such as Geena Tine voted for Harris due to “her constant stupid ways to make people laugh.” Being recognized for certain categories help students have a memorable perspective for that student. Another winner includes Jon Figueroa; he won life of the party due to “having such a social personality and down to have a good time with anyone.” These ways of remembering students are a beneficial part of the yearbook due to it being a funny aspect for students to look at.

This tradition is used to acknowledge the differences in students and how they are seen by their peers. As the following years come, continuing this tradition it the best way in remembering students for how they are seen by others.