Did Colton Underwood’s Season of “The Bachelor” End In Heartbreak?


Jessica Polito

The immensely popular show, “The Bachelor,” has had another unique and drama-filled season come to an end. With former “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” star, Colton Underwood, as the reality show’s lead, many have been patiently waiting the resolution of his journey.

As a former NFL quarterback, Underwood was no stranger to the public eye. Underwood had previously been cut from Becca Kufrin’s season after revealing a very personal narrative about himself. After transitioning almost immediately to a season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” he found himself once again in heartbreak. Desperate to find someone who would love him equally, he began his own season of the “Bachelor,” proclaiming that he wanted an engagement.

Throughout Underwood’s season, he continuously defied the unspoken rules of the show, and explicitly stated his feelings for each woman. On the week dubbed “fantasy suites week,” Underwood was down to just 3 out of the initial 30 women. After his fantasy suite date with contestant, Tayshia, he left feeling like their relationship wasn’t the strongest. Entering his fantasy suite date with Cassie, he was excited. Despite his enthusiasm, the night went dramatically different from what he, and the audience, expected.

The date with Cassie was described as heartbreaking for fans. During their conversation, she explained that she wasn’t ready for a proposal and didn’t want to continue their relationship. After pleading with her to stay and proclaiming his feelings for her, Cassie still left and broke up with Underwood. Clearly distraught, Underwood fled the filming location and hopped a fence, running off into the Portuguese countryside. As producer and host, Chris Harrison, calmed him down, they had a conversation about where to go from there.

After his breakdown, Underwood decided to break up with the remaining two girls on the show, and chase after his love, Cassie. He approached contestant Tayshia first, and explained the situation. Senior, Dan Sullivan, expressed that “I thought the part with Tayshia was really sad because I really thought Colton was gonna choose her.” Though upset, Tayshia revealed in the live show that she has made peace with the breakup. “I grew tremendously because of Colton,” she explained. The other breakup, however, was filled with more tears and frustration.

As Underwood approached the only remaining contestant, Hannah, he knew that he had to break up with her as well before chasing Cassie. This second breakup was emotional, and Hannah was left confused. She was heartbroken, as she told him that she thought they were going to get engaged the next week. During the live show, Hannah told Harrison that she feels “like my heart is bruised from it.” She remarked that “it’s not just a show, it was something that was so serious for me… it has been my heart, and this is my reality right now.” The confusion that Hannah was left with is something that starkly contrasted Underwood’s breakup with Tayshia. Senior, Julia Sarra, believes that “he had a better relationship with Hannah, and that’s why there was such a big difference.”

With no more women left on the show, Underwood approached Cassie’s door. He greeted her and asked to have a conversation. In the conversation, he detailed out what had happened the past few days. Underwood told her that he didn’t care about an engagement, but that he wanted to be with the woman he loves. After Cassie agreed to continue their relationship, he asked her if she would be willing to meet his family.

As Cassie was seconds away from meeting his family, she expressed concern. Underwood soothed her and promised that she didn’t need to worry. Though his parents told their son that they were worried that she would break his heart again, Underwood was adamant that he wanted to see where this relationship could go. Cassie and Colton continued to explore their relationship the next day during a full-day date repelling down a cliff and talking over dinner. As the night ended, they took the opportunity for a fantasy suite date.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph embrace on the live finale of “The Bachelor.”

With the promise to take their relationship day by day, the couple is still together today. Sarra noted that she “has always really liked Cassie,” and that she was “so happy to find out they ended up together.” Though many fans criticize Underwood’s decision to completely ignore “Bachelor” protocol during his final weeks of the season, others believe that it’s important that he didn’t listen to the rules, and followed his heart.