A Pineapple. A Band. A Team. A Success.

Olivia LaRosa

This past weekend Choral Spectrum and Spectrum band attended a show choir competition at Daniel Hand High School in Madison, Connecticut. Spectrum Band won ‘best band.’ The band has won this prestigious award many times before in previous seasons but it was their first time recieving it this year. Senior, Julian Palladino, plays the drums in spectrum band and describes the day as “exciting” and how he “wasn’t even surprised they won because of how great they all felt after they performed.”

Every show choir group has a band and while they perform live they are graded by the judges. Whatever band scores the highest is awarded best band. One group is given this award at each competition.

Within Spectrum Band there are students from all grades. They rehearse before school about once a week and with Spectrum. Mr. Martineau is in charge of the band, he runs their rehearsals and conducts them during performances and is exceptionally proud of them.

Spectrum band is unique though in comparison to other bands. First, they are called “The Lid” a name they came up with a few years ago. They also have a trademark item,  a pineapple. You can ask about the pineapple but they will just reason with their signature response of “What pineapple?” When they won best band this year they brought the pineapple on stage with them for its signature appearance and took bites from it to celebrate.

Not only did they win best band but senior, Gabe Galley, won a judges award for his violin solo in the last song of the set, Sunday Finest.

It was quite the successful weekend for The Lid and we all hope this weekend they have just as much success when they perform and compete at Nutmeg Show Choir Festival in Windsor Locks.