January Student of the Month

Jacob Chaimovitch, Editor

Student of the Month is awarded every month to two students of each grade for a total of 8. For January, the following students were recognized: Emily Bergstrom (Sophomore), Elizabeth Burnham (Freshman), Tyler Goudreault (Sophomore), Gurseva Kainth (Senior), Kinga Kempisty (Junior), Dan Kotait (Senior), Emmanuel Mokel (Junior), and Troy Puccio (Freshman). These 8 students are recognized and nominated by one of their teachers for their hard work in the classroom.

One of the students nominated, Freshman Elizabeth Burnham, elaborated on the day she found out she had been nominated, saying that “my French teacher got a phone call and told me that I had to go down to the office. The secretary said congratulations so I asked her what I had done and she said I got nominated for student of the month.”  When asked about what it was like to win the award, Burnham “felt surprised and grateful at the same time…getting recognized felt really good.”  She ended up finding out that Dr. McCarthy, one of the technology teachers at SWHS, was the one to nominate her and he explained that he did so because Burnham was, “a hard worker and a great student [in photography].”

With only four months left in the school year for Student of the Month awards to be handed out, there’s still time to be nominated for the award. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, there’s an equal chance for everyone.