Supergirl Co-Stars Get Engaged

Supergirl Co-Stars Get Engaged

Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

On Sunday, February 10th, Supergirl co-stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood announced their recent engagement on instagram. Both actors posted the picture above with different captions. Benoist said, “Yes yes yes it will always be yes,” while Wood captioned it, “The happiest.” Wood also posted another picture with the caption, “Not from our wedding but it will be soon.” As many can tell, the happy couple is very excited for what the future will bring, but let’s focus on the past and how their relationship began.

Wood and Benoist met on the set of ‘Supergirl’ when Wood joined the cast in 2016. His character, Mon El, was the love interest of Benoist’s character, Kara, who is also known as Supergirl. In the show, their characters dated and were most known for their cute on-screen interactions and scenes. Even though at this point, their relationship was strictly an on-screen relationship, Benoist mentioned in an interview in January of 2017 that, “He [Wood] is my favorite person to act with on the show. He is fantastic, so talented, and funny.” This comment got fans thinking that maybe something more was going on between them, but nothing was confirmed at that time. It wasn’t until a few months later that their relationship would be confirmed.

One of the many pictures that was released when the couple was in Cancun, Mexico.

Pictures of the two at a beach in Cancun, Mexico were released at the end of March in 2017. In the many photos that were taken, the newly found couple was holding hands, kissing, laughing, and just doing all of the things that couples do. When the pictures came out, the reactions varied, but many South Windsor High School students were happy for them. To start off, Molly Cole said that she was “surprised when they started dating but I was very happy because of their chemistry on the show.” Similarly, Anthara Shivkumar, stated that she was “really excited especially since they’re so cute on the television show together.” However, the couple did receive some hate from people online, which forced them to be post less about their personal lives on social media.

Throughout their whole relationship the couple has gotten a good amount of hate from people who don’t like them as a couple, their relationship on the show, their characters, and many more. It has gotten to the point where Wood has taken a break from all social media because of how much hate he receives. Not only this, but when the two posted their engagement announcements on Instagram, they both kept their comments off so that no one would comment rude things to hurt them and their happiness. Cole also mentions that she thinks, “this is such a special moment to them that they don’t want it to be ruined by hate.” Although the two get a lot of hate, they are still happy and have managed to get through it. They both still have many fans that support them and most of what they do.

Something that Benoist and Wood have done together in the past is work on their mental health awareness campaign together. In October of 2017 Wood created the campaign called ‘idontmind’ and Benoist was a huge part of it. She supported it, helped him advertise it, took pictures wearing the merchandise, etc. They both believe in the cause that ‘idontmind’ supports and helped raise over $250,000 in over a year for mental health organizations. Overall, Benoist and Wood have helped others become more comfortable with talking about their mental health. This campaign has many supporters and the couple is very grateful for all of the support for their cause.

Throughout the years of Benoist and Wood’s relationship, the two have been very happy. From the start of their relationship on ‘Supergirl’, to their multiple trips around the world and the campaign they started together, they have been through a lot. Now that they are engaged, they are so happy and so are their fans. Shivkumar stated that, “I’m just hyped for all of the wedding pictures that they are going to post on instagram,” and Cole added that, “I’m so incredibly excited!” All in all, Benoist and Wood have not announced when their wedding will be, but fans are very excited for them and wish them all the best.