The Inside Scoop On February Break

Angélica Rivera-Oliveira

February 14th marked the start of break for all SWHS students, many were extremely excited about having time off. Five days of freedom from school and assessments. Students did a variety of different activities over break, some even posted photos on Instagram of their travels to places like Florida and California.

Valentine’s Day kicked off break with love in the air. Many love birds went on dates with their significant others or asked out their long-time crushes. Junior, CJ Rodgers, stated, “I spent my evening with a lovely lady.” Many others shared appreciation posts on social media for their partners.

As juniors are preparing for the SATs, a plethora of them used their time productively by buckling down on their studies. Wilfred Otchere, junior, said, “I saw an SAT tutor two days in a row.” Furthermore, with prom season coming up, many local boutiques were bustling with our SWHS girls searching for the right gown and accessories. Junior, Lindsey Osit, found her perfect dress during the weekend, along with many other girls who have began their search.

When it comes to seniors, they enjoyed a handful of parties. For instance, senior, Nick Paladino, threw a small party with his girlfriend on Saturday. People such as Nathan Curameng, Clara Gomes-Ferres, and Mariella Novo were at the party. “It was really fun! We played video games and ate pizza” Curameng exclaimed. Along with Paladino’s get-together, tons of other seniors posted videos on snapchat of parties with their friends. Overall, February break for SWHS students was filled with adventures, shopping, studying, quality time with friends and family, and much more.