Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address is Not What We Needed


Josh Hobbs, Editor

Last Tuesday night, President Donald Trump delivered the 2019 State of the Union address that focused hypocritically on unity of the two parties, and also for the Democrats to stop fighting his policies and his presidency in a whole. This speech comes in a time where the government has only be reopened for around a week and after it was shutdown for a record-long 35 days. This was a perfect opportunity for the president to try and bring together both the community and both parties to ensure that we are still one, and fight for the same country. Unfortunately, his speech hasn’t appeared to have that effect and has been described the way his presidency has been: all over the place.

At the beginning of his long 82 minute speech, he preached messages of unity and the need for the government, more than ever, to put our political parties aside, and focus on what our country needs. It was reported before the speech that this theme would be a popular theme throughout his speech. It seemed like this would be the case as he said statements such as, “There is a new opportunity in American politics, if only we have the courage to seize it,” the President said in the speech’s earlier moments. He continued, “Victory is not winning for our party. Victory is winning for our country.”

He then quickly flipped his theme as he called Democrats ‘obstructionists’ who supported open borders. He also made strong remarks towards the Democrats and their investigations against Trump. One line that stood out from his speech was when he said, “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. It just doesn’t work that way. “ Clearly, our president is confused that government isn’t a dictatorship. One of the biggest objectives when creating our democracy was having a system of checks and balances in our government, to where the president or one branch couldn’t overrule anyone.

Towards the end of his speech, the President continued to stress his case for a national wall along the Mexican wall. He did not say that he would declare a national emergency, which has been rumored for several weeks. Instead, he made several statements trying to scare Americans into seeing his point of view, such as, “The lawless state of our southern border is a threat to the safety, security and financial well-being of all Americans.”

In some parts of his speech, Trump did manage to get applause from a majority of people, both Democrat and Republican. He even made decent calls for unity in some parts, which was big, knowing that the government more than ever, is divided among so many issues. But we cannot deny that what Trump really thought still came out in his speech. He doesn’t really care about unity, he cares about a wall. He doesn’t really support the families who have suffered from incidents from illegal aliens, he wants to scare everyone into agreeing with his policies. The State of the Union is meant to inform people of what the agenda will be for the new year, and it’s supposed to give confidence in how our congressmen will perform. When watching this year’s State of the Union, it truly makes me scared and upset that we have someone like this running such a great country. You might disagree with me based on your political background, but you cannot deny that this president has divided the American people and openly discriminated numerous groups of people, which goes against our shared American values.