What to look out for when choosing classes


Joseph Sandberg

There are many classes to take at South Windsor High School. When you are choosing them for next year, there are many things to consider into your choices. You also may have lots of questions when choosing your classes and how they will fit into your schedule and whether or not you will actually be able to have your ideal schedule. For some, they might not get the choice of classes that they would like because other core classes have been filled with that certain period so you will have to choose a different class.

For starters, you should always go to your guidance counselor if you have any specific questions regarding your schedule. The guidance counselors are always ready to answer any questions and help out as much as possible to change your schedule and make it the way you want it. Your guidance counselor will also have all of your teachers recommendations to help you choose your core classes. Your teacher’s recommendations aren’t the classes that you have to take, it is just what your teachers think is best for you. If you want to go for a higher level class then recommended like AP (Advanced Placement) or honors level classes, compared to your current level, you will have to talk with your guidance counselor. These are just a few of the steps that you will need to take in order to make your ideal schedule when picking classes. There are deadlines to picking classes for next year but, you can also have to talk with your guidance counselor to see if he/she can change your classes beforehand.

Taking AP classes might seem like the way to go because they will make your GPA rise but, taking these classes come with a big responsibility. The workload will increase by a big amount and you will have to be prepared. Another thing to think about when choosing AP classes is what subjects you think you are going to be better off in because you naturally do better in those subjects. Considering taking AP’s, it is best to consider what field you want to go into after you graduate For example, if you have an interest in psychology, you might want to take AP Psychology in order to get a better understanding of what that is all about.

The last thing that is recommended is to go on to the school website and go to the section “For Students” and go to “course selection” tab; within that tab, you will be able to access next year’s program of studies packet. This packet has a description of all classes that you can take at the high school. It also shows which grades are going to be able to take certain classes. Before you pick classes, make sure you truly know what the classes are about and if you really want to pick them.

What you plan on taking may not be changed next year, so be careful in what you choose. Juniors should start to take classes they have an interest in and will further their knowledge in a possible major for college. Freshman and sophomores will be taking classes that best fit their schedule in order to get all their credits. If you have any questions about classes to possibly take again, go to your guidance counselor and look into each class to see what you want to be placed into. Good luck to the underclassmen preparing for next years classes.