Positive and Resourceful: Words to Describe Mrs. Morgan-Hostetler


Olivia LaRosa

Being an administrator at a high school is a difficult job because your day never stops and you constantly have to be ready for anything. With so much pressure to run a school community filled with both faculty and students, it is very impressive how positive and successful they are.

Mrs. Morgan-Hostetler is one of the newer administrators here at the high school but has already reached great success. Her bright and bubbly personality makes her easy to talk to about anything. Not only is she a great person but also a superb resource here at the school. She is always willing to help anyone with anything they may need.

She knew she wanted to be an administrator because she “has always gravitated towards leadership roles.” She has a lot of experience being a leader both “on sports teams, coaching and being a committee leader.” While she started as a teacher she soon realized “this was the next step for her to take.” One of the biggest reasons she took this next step was because she wanted “to impact students in a different kind of way.” She has most certainly accomplished this goal. You can constantly spot her talking to students, peeking into classrooms, attending school events and being involved.

She attended three universities for her degrees. She got her undergraduate degree at Drew University, masters degree at the University of New England and finally got her admin certification from Sacred Heart University.

When talking about her job she has nothing but positive things to say. She says how she enjoys “never having the same day twice because it keeps things exciting.” Mrs. Morgan-Hostetler always has a positive mindset and is ready to help anyone and everyone.