Holiday Spirit Week 2018

Holiday Spirit Week 2018

Mariana Rule

The week before winter break, the students and staff participate in spirit week. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different outfit or item to show their school spirit. Everyone is getting excited to dress up for each day of the week. The days for next week are as follows:


Monday: Ugly sweater day

Tuesday: Holiday hats and socks

Wednesday: Flannel day

Thursday: Holiday Characters

Friday: PJ day


There is usually a high amount of participants in the spirit week each year. It brings out a lot of happiness and a sense of community among students and staff.

Senior, Chloe Lucia, is very excited and dedicated about spirit week. Every year she puts in a lot of effort and planning into the perfect outfit for each spirit day. She loves it so much because “People recognize how much I love it.” Lucia is the most excited for hats and socks day and notes “I have the perfect plan and everyone should be ready.” Lucia also shares that she enjoys spirit week so much because it “Allows me to express the real me.”

Junior, Megan Labbé, is also excited for this December spirit week. Although Labbé does not participate in every day, she does dress up for a few of them. Labbé shares that “I like spirit week because it really brings the school together.” Labbé cannot wait for PJ day on Friday because “It is an easy day where everyone is comfortable and relaxed.”

Sophomore, Dalton Rule, is most excited about seeing how much everyone dresses up. Rule shares that he is excited for ugly sweater day on Monday because “A lot of people turn it into a joke. Some of the sweaters are so ugly and so funny and I like seeing them.”

In addition to wearing an ugly sweater on Monday, students are also welcome to bring in canned goods to donate. There is a group of students collecting $2 donations for South Windsor For The Kids on Wednesday. There is a clear mix of reviews on spirit week. Everyone has their favorite and least favorite spirit but the excitement overall is very apparent.

Senior, Chloe Lucia, on PJ day during the last week of spirit.