Model UN 2018: A Weekend to Remember


The group that won best delegation. Dhanush Kotumraju (left), Samay Govani (middle), and Neal Shah (right).

Olivia LaRosa

On the weekend of, November 30th and December 1st, the Model UN event took place at the University of Hartford, in Hartford CT. Over 70 students from SWHS attended to represent the high school. Model UN is one of the largest clubs at the school and one that requires lots of work but always pays off in the end.

Model UN is a mock simulation of an actual UN conference where you have to debate topics and find solutions to real world problems. Students get to debate and vote on the solutions with students from different schools. They prepare speeches, create petitions and work with other groups to find and create a solution.

Juniors, Dhanush Kotumraju, Samay Govani and Neal Shah, were the Delegation of the country of India for committee 4: The Economic and Financial Affairs Committee with the topic of cryptocurrency. The group won Best Delegation at the event. Govani says, “I read about what cryptocurrency was and every single day I would read a news article and connect it back to what I already knew on the topic.” Shah said “The group prepared for little over a month.”

As you can see so much work, dedication and time had to be put in from this group to get the results they did. It wasn’t just the hard work these boys put in but Govani is also proven they received the award due to the fact he wore his “try-hard” pants. He put them on for the second day of the event and thinks they really helped. Shah says “I was very happy to receive the award.” This group did a fantastic job and should be very proud of their accomplishments.