I Met Internet Sensation Trisha Paytas


Clara Gomes poses with Trisha Paytas during the last stop of her tour in Jersey City on December 2nd, 2018.

Clara Gomes

On Sunday December 2nd, 2018, I experienced something I’ve never considered doing ever before: I met Trisha Paytas. I know, I know. Because it is something that is difficult to take seriously, I find myself having a hard time admitting that I met the Youtuber notorious for driving around LA in a pink G-wagon to grab some fast food before/during her hilarious mukbangs. In my case, the three hour drive to Jersey City and back was so worth it.

Having watched Paytas in my free time since middle school, it was surreal to see her in the flesh singing her amusing songs and speaking casually with the members of the audience. Many viewers of hers admire her not only for her relatable love of food and fashion, but also because she is so open on camera. It is not challenging to stumble upon a video of her sobbing, eating, and speaking freely about what’s on her mind. Many would note that Trisha is not only so funny to watch, but that she is also such a genuine person. She comforts many of us.

“Trisha Paytas is truly an inspirational icon,” claims SWHS senior Alexandra Gomes-Ferres. “She has no doubt helped me through hard times with her humor. One of her popular songs ‘I Love You Jesus’ always makes me laugh. She has helped me through rough patches in my life. I appreciate her and I am thankful for her existence.”

Paytas began her Youtube career in 2007, the bubbly California celebrity having a difficult time keeping steady jobs and getting through the rough school years. In fact, during the concert, Trisha mentioned “dropping out of five high schools.” Many fans are aware of how difficult growing up was for her as people have been making harsh comments about her weight for years. Today, she is continuing on her journey towards self-love and acceptance and she is sharing her story with her viewers.

“You can love yourself and be insecure. There is a huge difference,” stated Paytas in her own book Curvy and Loving It. “And I’m confident. You can be confident and insecure. My biggest insecurity is my weight. Sometimes I think I’d probably be more accepted if I was, like, thinner. But that doesn’t mean I’m not confident. I look good. Obviously, I think I look great.”

Having come out with tracks such as “Fat Chicks,” “Big Belly Goddess,” and “Thick,” Paytas has made her focus on body positivity clear for her fans. In fact, other popular Youtubers, such as Shane Dawson, have collaborated with her in her videos. Fans have found that they make a good duo, their conversations about body image and sadness deep, heartwarming, and at times hilarious. 

Fans were incredibly excited about the The American media personalities’ first nationwide tour. Paytas was able to meet fans in Toronto, Texas, Philadelphia, Jersey City, as well as other cities. Paytas is always praising her fans and reminding them of how thankful she is to have them support her even as she admits she knows she is not a talented singer. On stage last Sunday in Jersey city as Trisha was wrapping up her act and her on-stage-pizza-eating-portion, she broke out in tears and thanked her fans for the amazing opportunity they have given her.