Black Friday Shopping: Worth It?


An example of the chaos one might encounter during Black Friday shopping.

Neville Thomas

Think “Black Friday” is dangerous? Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, there is a day dedicated to  “Black Friday” shopping. On Black Friday, people go and shop in stores and get amazing and huge discount prices on almost everything.

Even though it seems as if it should be all smiles, that’s not always the case. People have died and have gotten badly hurt. Since 2010, there have been 12 deaths along with 117 injuries. This past Black Friday,  November 23, 2018, a 27 year-old was shot in the parking lot at South Keys Shopping Centre. Going out while there are many others shopping with limited items does not always end nicely. Many would agree that there should be a larger amount of security personnel being enforced as people deal with huge crowds, fighting and outbursts, and people’s lives at stake.

Sara Halligan, a senior at South Windsor High School, has thoughts of her own about Black Friday. She said, “I loved Black Friday, but now I despise it and hate it. Never going Black Friday shopping again.”

Teacher at South Windsor High School  Ms.Festi holds a similar stance on the issue.  “As someone who worked in retail in high school and in college, I’ve worked on Black Friday in the home appliances, jewelry, and electronics industries for 3 different retailers. After seeing the savagery of Black Friday event during the release of the PS2, I swore I’d never go Black Friday shopping once I didn’t work in retail anymore. I have never turned back, although I do shop online on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

Although people seem to have a lot of negative things to say about the tradition, there are some positives to consider. You are going to find some amazing deals once a year that you been waiting a long time to discover. Then, with all the extra money people may have from these great deals, others may have room to pay off things they not only want but need. Even with the benefits of Black Friday offers, it is difficult not to recognize how chaotic the shopping sprees can be as well.