Who Wants a Reboot of The Office? SNL Proves the Answer is Everyone Except Steve Carell


Steve Carell and other Office actors are viewed on SNL recently

Jessica Polito

On November 17th, the former lead actor of The Office, Steve Carell, hosted an intriguing episode of Saturday Night Live. Carell’s monologue caught the attention of many die-hard Office fans, as it was about a potential Office reboot. While the monologue was simply a tease, fans were delighted to watch their favorites get together for some classic banter.

Though it’s been 5 years since the American version of The Office ended, people in the U.S. and students at SWHS are still huge fans of the show. From binging episodes on Netflix to catching reruns on Comedy Central, The Office has remained popular. Carell left the show two seasons before it ended, which disappointed many fans.

On the S.N.L. episode, Carell decided to focus the topic of his monologue to a potential reboot of the show. As shown in the beginning of the episode, fans love to pepper the former cast with questions such as, “Will you ever reboot The Office?” Without new episodes to watch, fans are craving more content from their favorite characters. Carell’s response was to acknowledge that he loved both the cast members and the experience, but that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. As former cast members Ellie Kemper (Erin), Ed Helms (Andy), and Jenna Fischer (Pam) took turns asking Carell.  Kemper tried to convince him that the money would be worth it, and Helms emphasized that Carell wouldn’t have to do movies anymore. Fischer then rudely told him to do the reboot. He shot them all down.

After all of the pleas, Carell still refused to give in. The cameras then shifted to see his wife (and on-screen ex-girlfriend) along with his kids, who agreed that the reboot is a good idea. After all the goofy comments, pleas, and guest appearances, Carell asked the audience if they want a reboot. The audience clapped and cheered in response. The former cast members were invited on-stage, and Carell dramatically said, “Alright, I’m proud to announce, officially, that,” to which he paused, “…we have a great show tonight!” The audience sighed and were clearly disappointed after the tease; some SWHS students had the same reaction.

A senior, Camille Osumah, wants a reboot for many different reasons. She believes that The Office “was a really good show that entertained people of many ages.” Osumah also wants to see how the comedy would differ now compared to the original. The changing timeframe is a concern for some like junior, Cooper Castellone, who fears “the humor displayed in the original show wouldn’t be acceptable in today’s age.” While he has concerns, Castellone would still like to see all the characters come together again. A freshman, Sophia Peruccio, agrees. She explained that she wouldn’t want a whole season, but just a few episodes to “see where the characters are in life and a real conclusion on how they’re all doing.” Peruccio believes that a whole season “would be cheesy and forced.”

With strong support of the show and the SNL monologue, the conversation of a reboot has become popular again. Reboots of the popular shows Will and Grace and Roseanne began in the past few years and have gained lots of attention. Will The Office ever join that list? It’s clear that Steve Carell is hoping that answer is no.