On “The Hate U Give”

Official movie poster of The Hate U Give. Source: Wikipedia

Official movie poster of The Hate U Give. Source: Wikipedia

Neville Thomas

The movie “The Hate U Give” will be playing nationwide on October 19. This film was inspired by Angie Thomas’s novel. Students in South Windsor High School are looking forward to this movie to premiere because it was a popular summer reading book choice. Many high school students have given positive book reviews.


“The Hate U Give” is a book turned movie about how racism and discrimination still exist in the nation. Black teenagers, a boy and a girl, get in a car to go home, and eventually are pulled over by the police. A white officer comes to the guy to  tell him to get out of the car. When he does, the officer goes to his cruiser and shoots the teenage boy dead because he had a brush in his hand. This musters up a lot of conversation and the girl fights for justice as people in her life are telling her to let it go. She just can’t. She does what she believes is right and confronts others for her friend. In doing so, she also experiences an attack on her dad’s store and she receives multiple death threats. As a result, there are marches, protests, and riots at which the police strike back with tear gas, dogs, and firearms. The female protagonist never forgets what she is there to do


This movie is a big deal to students that have been waiting for it to release. While speaking to Jaalan Parks, a South Windsor High School student, he was asked about how he felt about the moving critics are raving. He responded with “ I had to read the book for school it was aight, but that movie…yeah I def want to see that.” Many believe that this is going to be a big one. He is not the only one who wants to see this because of the book. High school student Kaleb Taylor also claims that “It look like a good movie and it does with what is still going on today.”


“The Hate U Give” will be a blockbuster for students in our and other schools and many believe it will have a large-scale effect on students today. This movie is about what still goes on today nationwide and many will be able to connect to it. Since South Windsor High students have read the book version of the movie, it’ll be very special to a large group of us.