SWHS Rowd Crowd Downfall


The Rowd Crowd at a boy’s varsity soccer game.

Katelyn Macomber

For as long as South Windsor High School students can remember, the Rowd Crowd has always been used in order to support the Bobcat sports teams. Many students choose to cheer, dress up and pump up the players.

However, recently many students have questioned why the Rowd Crowd has only been acknowledging male sports teams. The Bobcats girls soccer team feels as if they have not been recognized for the same efforts. For instance, senior Taylor Patitucci said, ¨we are not viewed the same way because people think we are not as competitive or it’s too slow of a game.¨ Patitucci feels ¨it’s unfair that the boys are recognized when both teams put the same amount of effort and passion into the sport.¨ An example of this is shown through the girls senior night. The Rowd Crowd committee encouraged students to attend the away boys soccer game rather than the girls home senior night. Patitucci describes this as ¨unfair due to the fact Rowd Crowd is run by men without including any female student athletes.¨

Mary Muchollari, Danielle Gagain, Natalie Pelletier, Sophie Czapla, Lindsey Hurd, Phoebe Beland, Olivia Besthoff as part of the Rowd Crowd at last year’s Rentschler game.dr

Furthermore, other students feel as if the Rowd Crowd leaders simply ignore the girls games due to the idea they are not as intense. Senior Khalise Harris reveals ¨even if girls have the same or even better records, students are still encouraged to attend the boys games.¨ Some students hope to make changes to this situation by asking the Rowd Crowd leaders to encourage attending both girls and boys sports.