Students Seek to Finish Rho Kappa Service Hours

Students Seek to Finish Rho Kappa Service Hours

Trevor Hoffman

As the school year rapidly is coming to an end, so is the time frame allotted to South Windsor High School Seniors in Rho Kappa to finish their service hours. In order to receive an honor cord to wear at graduation, members of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honors Society must complete 10 hours of service that relates to social studies.

“I really love history, particularly the Civil War,” said a senior who asked to remain anonymous. “I am looking forward to achieving my hours of service by helping out at the Civil War encampments that will be taking place at the elementary schools this May.”

Students have many options and routes that can be taken to achieve these service hours. Some of the members will be docents for the Old Main Street field trip that elementary schools go on. Other students will be hosting AP review sessions for social studies classes like AP Psychology and AP Government and Politics.

“I am working with a few of my friends on remodelling the showcase in the hallway for Model UN,” said member Andrew Capossela. “We also plan on holding a fundraiser at Geissler’s to help defray the costs of participation in Model UN.”

The deadline for getting your ten hours done is at the beginning of June. With only a month to go, there are still plenty of ways members can find some opportunity to get those service hours in. Whether is be finding a spot to volunteer at the Civil War or lending an extra hand at an AP review session, help is still needed. I know that many members have said they do not plan on doing the ten hours of service, but after all your hard work in your social studies classes, don’t you want to wear your honor cord proudly?

For juniors, if you wish to become a member of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honors Society, continue to take social studies courses and maintain good grades. In order to be considered for membership, you must demonstrate a strong interest in the social studies area, seen through your dedication to your classes as reflected in your grades, the amount of courses taken and participation in social studies related clubs.