Don’t Break Under The Pressure


Camille Osumah

This article will be probably one of my most widespread relatable articles for teenagers. Let’s talk about stress. Everyday stress, major events, constant little things that we go through with growing up and high school. Being a junior, I have for the first time ever not like school. In this sense, I’m kind of a late bloomer. But hey, here I am joining the masses in their tired trudges through the school hallways, 5 days a week, 182 days a year. But I refuse to concede.

Junior year is tough! Everyone says it, but you don’t, you can’t understand until you become a junior. Some days, it sucks. We’re tired. All of sudden we have to seriously think about our futures. Not just next month, next year, but our early adult life. The work we have been doing for the past years begins to matter, coming to fruition of how it can get us into colleges. We have to study for the SATs while still doing well in school, some of us with our AP classes, and still stay dedicated to our activities in and outside of school. How could we not be stressed?

Yeah, I’m hella stressed! But I’m excited. Everything is life can be seen differently, it all depends on perspective. You could say, “we have to start thinking ahead” or…. “We get to divulge into our personal interests and learn more!” It’s either “all of my grades from freshman and sophomore year are better than mine now”, or “My hard work is finally going to payoff”. Believe me, I know how cheesy this sounds. Like I’m spewing fake cheer. That’s because I am.

I will continue to say it until it makes me feel better. Because it will. I will still get excited when I learn something new in class, when I get to do a fun project with friends. I’ll focus on what I do  enjoy about school and we will all get through the stress of high school. And then move onto to college and do the same cycle of stress again!

Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.