My Take on the March For Our Lives


Andrew Capossela

Becoming an adult it is very encouraging to see students my age taking their voices and trying to make them heard.  The issue of gun control now has a revolution of younger aged students willing to make their voices heard and demand change so that the national and perhaps the world someday could be a safe place for everyone.  I will say that this is a powerful movement but there are people who are much opposed to the active voices of younger individuals who may not have as much years on this planet as their elders, but they still have a voice.

“Kids need to stay out of politics…” tweeted on person involved in the #MarchForOurLives Twitter thread.

The march took place internationally to call for an address of the gun issue that many nations face and how the lives of young children and other people can avoid such fatal atrocities that these weapons cause.  I am glad that people from both sides have been able to make comments about their own views, but the nice thing about being 18 and still considered a student is that you are eligible to vote. Kids are getting involved in this topic of concern because we are not only the next generations, but because we are numbers that members of congress need in order to keep their positions.  So really kids need to stay involved in politics to make sure that we are electing officials who will fight for our needs and not fight for the most money. Also I feel like so much ignorance in this country has been exposed in this country just with the marches happen in our borders. I get that gun owners want to keep their guns, but I feel like if people listen to each other these marches would be more effective in creating a change.

“Do you really think marching in front of government buildings will solve the problem,” tweeted another person.

I honestly have to say that yes marches so support and also bring light to issues that not everyone considers but, I feel like nothing really is immediately changed.  I know that not all marches are asking for immediate change, but it seems like gun violence in America is something that is in need of immediate change, In all honesty I do not think these marches will bring on change right away.  However, I think that it will show the leaders of this nation how involved the youth is in this country is. Hopefully our country in my life time will see the gun changes that need to occur so that my children and future generations can feel safe going into school and not worrying about whether or not they are next.  Lastly, tuning into some of the speeches given at the March For Our Lives event in Washington D. C., I learned a lot about how important my voice is as a youth in this country and I hope to be able to use it as I progress through time.