How Can You Hate Lavar Ball?


Amir Clato-Day

The title says it all.

Sometimes, I can’t believe the hate Lavar Ball constantly gets.

People call him a fool, an idiot, a clown, you name it, but the best way to describe Lavar Ball is simple:

A genius.

The man sure knows how to create attention for himself, his family and his brand. He is a trailblazer who not only takes the road less traveled, but has had great success doing so.

Lavar said his son Lonzo, who was still a UCLA Bruin at the time, was already better than 2X NBA MVP Stephen Curry. He also said that he (yes, Lavar himself) could beat MJ in his prime, one on one.

A video of him on ESPN’s First Take, in which he talked about both, garnered a staggering 3.3 million views.

Because of this, people are even more interested in watching his three sons play. A highlight video of LiAngelo Ball’s UCLA debut in an exhibition game has 2.3 million views. LaMelo’s official Ballislife sophomore season mixtape has 1.6 million views and Lonzo’s senior mix has 2.7 million views.

Whether they’re fans or haters, people want to watch these kids play obviously because of their talent but also because of their father’s bold proclamations.

As a result, their family business also benefits. As you probably know, Lavar got into it with Donald Trump regarding the shoplifting situation in China. Trump tweeted about Lavar, calling him a fool for not being grateful.

Did you catch that?

Lavar got Donald Trump, the President of the United States, to tweet about him by name.

In a three day span following the exchange, Big Baller Brand attained an estimated $13.2 million in free digital and television advertising. Eric Smallwood, Apex Marketing Group president, told Yahoo! Sports, “This back and forth with Donald Trump has extended the brand awareness outside of just sports.”

Lavar has proven to be a marketing genius. He may say some “ridiculous” things, but in the end, the resulting attention benefits his family and their brand tremendously.

Now, let’s forget basketball, business and all that stuff. The #1 reason why I do not understand the hate towards Lavar Ball is that he genuinely seems like an amazing person.

As Drake said at the 2017 NBA Awards Show, “Lavar Ball has proven something that doesn’t get enough attention in this country, the black father that’s around too much.”

Obviously this is a joke, but the idea behind it is true. Whether it’s in the gymnasium of Chino Hills High School, Pauley Pavilion at UCLA or Staples Center, home to the LA Lakers, Lavar is always there supporting his kids. He may say some outlandish things, but he’s always expressing confidence and belief in his boys.

Lavar is just as supportive as a husband as he as always been there for his wife Tina, especially after she suffered a stroke. He personally works with her on regaining her speech and physical abilities.

The father of the Ball Brothers is an all around family man. Just watch their Facebook Series, Ball in the Family, and you’ll always see his parents, siblings, in-laws, kids and even his kids’ friends around him. It’s obvious that Lavar cares for the people close to him and genuinely wants what’s best for them.

I just don’t see any reason not to at least respect Lavar. He is a marketing mastermind who is also loving and supportive towards his family. Yeah, he may be crazy but he’s also charismatic and brings energy everywhere he goes.

He gets people paying attention to him especially people who can’t stand him. Any Lavar Ball haters that don’t agree with me?

You clicked on this article, right?