The Relay For Life Club and Team is Back in Action


Andrew Capossela

Last year four students at South Windsor High School had the idea to create a club that would fight cancer in hopes for an end to its destruction.

“I think Relay For Life club was a great addition to the long list of opportunities available to students at South Windsor High School.  People have always wanted to join the organization and event but now with the school club, people have a team of their peers to join with,” said senior, Trevor Hoffman.

Adding an opportunity for students to get involved in a multi-town function has allowed the new club to truly prosper.  Last year the club raised just over $1000 in the fight against cancer.  This year the team hopes to repeat their success and have the same motivation that drove their cause last year.

“I have participated in the Relay For Life over the years with friends and family surrounding me.  Now that I get the chance to raise money and be around people from school who are just as passionate about the cause as I am truly inspires me.  It is great to see such a level of participation in something that does matter at the end of the day,” stated Team Captain and Club President Andrew Capossela.

Students at South Windsor High School seem to love helping their community and others to the best of their ability.  This club focuses on a national movement that has been running for a very long time.  The more teams that are able to participate nationally truly increase the amount of money going to research and care for cancer.  Without heavy involvement money would not be raised.

Last year the team enjoyed a night full of pizza and dancing at Rockville High School’s field.  The team was able to meet other relayers and hear stories of survivors and victims of cancer.  This expereince encompassed not only fun but an educational understanding for what those who have or had cancer have gone through.  

The turn out for team participation was great last year so the board members would love to see the same level of enthusiasm that was shown.  Without a full team SWHS will not be represented well so Go Bobcats! And let’s keep our schools participation up to its expectation!