Kamala Harris Falls Short on Migration Plans, Leaving Worries For Her Visit To Central America


Noah Gehris, Editor

Ever since the corona virus has hit America, migration has been something that has turned fairly difficult. The border has filled to a higher capacity than ever before, and new immigrants during this time are struggling to find jobs to provide for themselves and their families. With Harris planning on visiting Mexico and Guatemala in late May, we can only expect changes to be made till then.


Migration in America has been a problem since its start, and corona virus has made it an even bigger problem. With over 100,000 migrants detained in the months of January and February, we have reached the highest monthly total since mid-2019. Around 4500 migrants crossed the border in one day, leading to a rise in illegal entries.


 Kamala Harris talked about the plans of the future of Migration, “We are making progress, but let’s just be very clear, this is a complicated, complex issue that actually has been an issue for a long time and the work that we are putting into it now is work that is going to require a long-standing commitment beyond administrations,” basically saying that this is an issue that will take a good amount of time before being fixed.


Kamala Harris wasn´t the only one who talked about this issue. We heard an opposite side of the situation, a more explicit version, from Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, “emigrate because they have no jobs, no home, no health, no education or security.” The Guatemalan President stated that he talked with Kamala and Biden, Saying that there were “walls of prosperity” to stem the flow of migration.


Top Republican in the House of Representatives, Kevin Mcarthy, stated that he wrote an email to president Biden, saying that he has ¨great concern¨ with the administration’s look and approach towards the border. “We must acknowledge the border crisis, develop a plan, and, in no uncertain terms, strongly discourage individuals from Mexico and Central America from ever making the dangerous journey to our southern border.¨