Donald Trump abruptly ends 60 Minutes Segment on Election Candidates

Donald Trump abruptly ends 60 Minutes Segment on Election Candidates

Collin Bullock, Writer

In a special Election Edition of 60 Minutes, Major Party Candidates President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Former Vice President Joe Biden, and California Senator Kamala Harris were all interviewed on the Presidency and the fight for the West Wing. However, the most groundbreaking of the four interviews was the President and Leslie Stahl. Stahl questioned the President on several topics, ranging from why he would like a second term, Coronavirus Testing, Case Spikes, the Trump Economy, and many more. In response to being asked why he would like the Second Term, President Trump spoke of his Economic Achievements. ¨It`s coming back, Leslie. It`s coming back like never before.¨ Upon being pressed on his Rallies During Covid, he claims everyone is distanced, wearing masks, and perfectly safe.

 Trump also touted his new Covid Response plan, which he says will be announced after Obamacare is dismantled by the Supreme Court. Next, questions of the President`s Attacks on Joe Biden, the Democratic Candidate for President, were brought to light. ¨They spied on my Campaign and they got caught… It`s been totally verified,¨ President Trump continued. 

The biggest item to come from the interview was the President`s sudden exit. Turning to Hope Hicks, Counselor to the President, he stated ¨This is enough of an interview. Let`s Go.¨ Seconds after he left, Kaighleigh Macaneny gave Leslie Stahl a stack of executive orders, which was called ¨Trump`s Health Plan.¨ No discernible plan was found.


VP Mike Pence was interviewed next, first on his role as the Coronavirus Task Force Head. He defended his Task Force and their defense of the Health of America. He continued to say ¨Schools need to reopen, Leslie… Distance learning is no substitute for being in the classroom.¨ On Thanksgiving during the Pandemic, the Vice President said some at-risk individuals may need to pass this year on the Holiday.  


¨I`m one of those folks who`s not done until the bell rings,¨ Joe Biden answered when asked about a second Trump Victory. ¨I think the contrast between me and Donald Trump is as stark as it can get, concerning policy.¨ Upon the question of if Bernie Sanders, AOC, and other Liberal Democrats would control the Biden Presidency, Biden responded in the third person: ¨Mr. President, you`re running against Joe Biden. Joe Biden has a deep, long-running record in Washington.¨ 


Kamala Harris, the second name on the Democratic Ticket, was titled the most Liberal Senator by the Non-Partisan GovTrack, in her support for Medicare for all, and Legalization. ¨I will always share with (Biden) My personal experience in our fights. I will always be honest with him (for our Nation).¨ 


The Campaign Trail ends in 5 days, and already over 80 Million Ballots have been cast. Time alone will tell if Democrats will take the White House, or if President Trump will keep the Oval Office.