What You Should Know About Kaitlin Bennett, the Gun-Right Activist Gaining Support Throughout the Country



Brianna Skaff, Editor

Kaitlin Bennett, a 24 year old gun-right activist, initially gained attention back in 2018 when she posed with a AR-10 rifle in her graduation photos, but she has recently resurfaced due to her controversial political videos. Bennet, also commonly known as ‘Gun Girl’, graduated from Kent State University in 2018, and has been advocating for gun rights as well as pro-life for years now. And has begun to conduct interviews, primarily with college students on their campuses, regarding these issues. However, she has gained her viral attention for her racist and transphobic comments conducted during the interviews that have twitter blowing up.

Bennett conducts her interviews on behalf of Liberty Hangout, a “a growing libertarian media outlet and alternative news source which strives to bring readers relevant insight into current events, as well as promote Austrian economics and property rights,” according to their Youtube channel and Facebook account. With 412k subscribers, the channel has gained a lot of attention, mainly due to Bennett, and had divulged conflicted opinions.

The video that initially gave her internet fame were interviews shown at a college campus, where she went around to students asking them if colleges should allow tampons/pads in male bathrooms for students who are transgender, titled “College Student’s Have No Morals.”  

While talking to one woman, Bennett asked “If you were to walk into the women’s restroom and you saw a woman with a penis using a urinal, would you be concerned, or would you accept it and be inclusive?” The student replied saying “It’s none of my business,” which prompted Bennett into again questioning “It’s none of your business that a man is in the women’s restroom?” The woman replied before walking away saying “If they are in the women’s restroom, then they identify as a woman.”

After these clips were released onto Youtube, many were outraged at the comments Bennet was making about people, and with her signature saying, “you know I carry right?,” whenever anyone gets too close to her. Twitter user @uhhhkaitlin tweeted out, “my favorite thing about these videos is how the people’s tones are like…. so mundane and unimpressed. She’s trying so hard and they’re so unbothered.” Another user @90babe1 also chimed in to say, “It’s hilarious when extremists realize normal people aren’t concerned with controlling what other people do with their bodies.” 

Bennett, seemingly unbothered by other’s comments, uses them to keep her platform popular, and continue conducting national interviews, with her most being at Ohio State University which caused a riot. On Tuesday, February 18, Bennett tweeted out “Haters pay the bills,” paying an ode to the violence she was met with while on the University campus. To see more of her content, you can follow her on Twitter @KaitMarieox, or subscribe to the Liberty Hangout channel.