US Embassy Attacked in Baghdad


ABC News

Kelli Mann, Writer

On January 26th, four mortar shells were launched at the United States embassy compound located in Baghdad, Iraq. According to reports, minimal damage was done and only one person was left with minor injury. 

The attack on the Green Zone in Baghdad, a compound consisting of many international government buildings and embassies, occurred late Sunday night. It is believed that the four mortar shells were launched from Iran. 

Although it is rare, one of the four shells landed a direct hit, the other three landed nearby. Head of U.S. Central Command, General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie Jr. said in a report that the injured victim recovered swiftly and returned to duty soon after. McKenzie also said that the attack caused a fire that was immediately put out.

Beginning in September 2019, Iran and Iranian-supported militias have carried out over 14 attacks on US personnel in Iraq. As a result, the US killed a key Iranian General, Qasem Solemani, in a drone strike Iraq on January 3rd. Due to repeating conflicts, tensions between Iran and the United States have been continuously rising. 

Responsibility for the most recent attack has yet to be claimed. On Sunday, the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Representative Michael McCaul tweeted that he is “closely monitoring reports of the rocket attack targeting the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.” Department Spokesman said no further comments on the security situation in Baghdad will be released.