Will There be an End to the Korean War?



Kim Jong Un and Trump at the summit in 2019

Joe Sandberg, Editor

This week, President Trump met with the leader/chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea in order to better relations between the two nations and to denuclearize North Korea. Unfortunately, there have been some conspiracies that Chairman Kim has been secretly producing plutonium in order to make weapons. It is not known for sure that the nuclear reactor is producing plutonium even though there has been movement at the reactor for the past few days. This past Tuesday, The two leaders met for dinner at the North Koreans hotel and discussed about the nuclear program in North Korea. The president and Kim Jong Un will be meeting multiple times throughout the week.

The main reason for these summits is to denuclearize the country of North Korea. North Korea has been trying to increase their nuclear weaponry for quite some time. They also have had an ongoing war with the U.S., the Korean war. In order to end this war and threats, President Trump is trying to make compromises with Chairman Kim so that he will stop the nuclearization of his country. Although there isn’t a true meaning of what Denuclearization actually is, there is an obvious present of nuclear weapons that needs to disappear. Unfortunately, North Korea has not sided with the U.S. because the two leaders could not meet in the middle and compromise.

Chairman Kim could not agree towards the end of the meetings on Thursday with President Trump because Kim couldn’t give up his nuclear production while Trump could not give up our sanctions that they have with North Korea. This led to the meetings being over with and nothing has been achieved. The US and North Korea are both still at the same position they were before the summits unfortunately. Donald Trump was not able to get any further and wasn’t able to help the relations between the two nations but also didn’t hurt the relations between the two.