Brooklyn Prison Loses Power


Mariana Rule

A federal prison in Brooklyn, New York recently lost all power. The prisoners and staff were subjected to days without lights or heat. The prisoners were all put into lockdown in order to maintain order.

The poor quality of buildings is common in many prisons in the United States. There are about 100 federal prisons in the United States, which leads to the funds being spread thin. The response to the power outage has been protests gathering outside of the prison. The crowds were kept back from the prison by guards using pepper spray.

Junior, Evan Syme, said he “wasn’t surprised by the protests. People like to show support for stuff. The pepper spray is kinda crazy though.” The idea that prisoners have been treated so horribly has caused a multitude of reactions from the public.

Junior, Amala Mammayil, also shared her opinion on the situation. Mammayil said that she thinks “the protests were a good thing. The prisoners may be bad people but they still have basic human rights. The conditions are just so bad.”

Mammayil’s opinion was reflected by the  New York Attorney General Letitia A. James who said “It is unacceptable, illegal, and inhumane to detain people without basic amenities, access to counsel, or medical care.” The power was reported to be turned back on last Sunday and the prison should be returning to normal order.