Students Evacuate School On Sandy Hook’s 6th Anniversary

Students of Sandy Hook Elementary evacuate on the anniversary of the horrible shooting.

Students of Sandy Hook Elementary evacuate on the anniversary of the horrible shooting.

Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

Sandy Hook Elementary School mourned the twenty-six students and teachers that were lost on December 14th, 2012. Six years ago from Friday, the mass shooting occurred at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut. However on the sixth anniversary this year, the students at the school were evacuated due to a bomb threat that was made over the phone.

The threat was called in at 9:00 in the morning, saying that there was a bomb already at the school. Authorities said that they did not believe that the threat was credible or connected to the threats that schools across the country received the day before. But they still dismissed all of the students and teachers as a precaution. Once the school was empty, officers swept the school to search for a bomb by using bomb-sniffing dogs to do this. As a result they found nothing suspicious in the school and everything was okay.

Even though the school district knew that the students weren’t in any danger by being there, they still decided to send students home for the day. The reason being that there is still so much stress and anxiety surrounding the day. The school board didn’t want people to feel like they were in any type of harm, so they dismissed Sandy Hook students and teachers for the rest of the day.

SWHS Junior, Raquel Paz Zavala agrees with how Sandy Hook’s school board acted in this situation and stated that, “The school has had one of the most memorable and violent school shootings, it would have been dumb to not take the threat lightly.” Additionally another Junior, Kelli Poolman agrees and mentions that, “You never know, there could have actually been a bomb there and everyone could have been at risk.”

When the ‘Newtown Action’ twitter account tweeted about the events that happen on this six year anniversary, many people responded to it negatively. Including both of Connecticut’s Senators; Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy. Blumenthal’s tweet said the following, “Speechless, 6 years ago this community suffered the unimaginable. They deserve more than this cowardly, evil threat,” and Murphy’s simply stated, “My heart is breaking.”

Looking back at the incident that happened to Sandy Hook in 2012, many believe that the right choice was made when the school was threatened once again six years later. A majority of people just want the children of America to be safe while attending school and hope that they will be protected at all costs.