Wake up, the Easter Bunny is Here!!!


Elena Sanderson

A Phoenix, Arizona mother had a special way of waking up her child on Easter Sunday, using a stun gun.

Sharon Dobbins of Phoenix has been charged after using a taser to wake her son up for Easter Sunday church service, according to Phoenix Police. Police arrested 40-year-old Sharon Dobbins Sunday morning on a felony child abuse charges, Maricopa County court says. Charges accuse Dobbins of using the stun gun on her 16 year old son’s left leg.

In Ms. Dobbins statement, she stated that she only sparked the taser to get the kids up for church, and she “ain’t never tased anyone.” A 17 year old son and an 18 year old nephew witnessed the event, according to the document. The 16 year old did not complain of any pain, but did have two small bumps where his mother allegedly shocked him.

Dobbins, who appeared in court on Monday, said both her sons are on probation. He has an ankle bracelet, saying about the 16 year old that “he’s under my custody and everything.” Dobbin’s stated that she would make arrangements for the boys to live elsewhere as she awaits her next trial date on April 16, 2018.