The Long Haul to April

SWHS students and teachers share their opinions about next year’s shortened February break.

Elizabeth Sinclair

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Next year, the district will be moving to a shortened February break in the calendar.

Elizabeth Sinclair

Next year, the district will be moving to a shortened February break in the calendar.

April break is one of the many breaks during the school year that students and teachers look forward to. However, they must get through the month of March, which is also known as the longest month of the school year, but why is that? 

March is the month where there is only one day off because of a teacher professional development day, but other than that, it’s six straight weeks of school until spring break. But next year, March will not be the only month that will feel long. February break will be shortened from three school days to two, losing Thursday. 

Upon hearing this news that February break will be shortened, some students expressed that they were not happy with this decision. “I can barely make it through March as it is, a whole two months without breaks, that’s insane!” said a freshman student. Freshman Alyssa Nguyen stated that with a shortened break in February and no breaks in March, there will be no time to relax until April break. When Nyguen was asked if this was better in the long run because students would be released for summer break earlier, Nyguen said, “Even if we do get out earlier from school in June, we can’t go month-to-month without any breaks; that is not how kids are wired.” 

However, other students had a different opinion on the schedule change. “I think the school is trying to do a good thing, because they are only getting rid of one day. If students want two days off, they should just take a mental health day,” said a freshman student. “We should have a break in February, along with being an inclusive school to all religions, to prioritize the mental health of all students.” 

While shortened breaks take a toll on students, teachers who plan lessons, grade papers, and stay after school to help their students, also had some things to say about this new change to the 2024 schedule. English Teacher Ms. Emily Clifford, or as her students call her Ms. Cliff, shared, “I don’t agree with it”.

“February vacation is something us teachers and students look forward to after the week of midterms and now that we are having mild winters  the students and teachers need a break even more,” said Cliff. 

The question on everyone’s mind is, what is the basis for this decision? In a written statement to The Prowl, Superintendent Dr. Carter did state that South Windsor Public Schools will still be having a February break; however, instead of a five day break, it will be moved to a four day break. Students and teachers will have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. 

“Any day that SWPS takes off will push the last day of school further into June,” Dr. Carter stated, “which is why Connecticut schools do 182 days, doing two extra days in June to account for the snow days.”  

South Windsor public schools are scheduled to be released for summer break next year on June 7th. With this new information about February break, maybe students and teachers will feel a sense of relief that they still get to relax.