Timeless Traditions

Clubs like Unified Theatre aim to revive the school holiday spirit


Maanya Pande

Unified Theatre is helping to bring back Valentine’s Day card exchange.

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day and various other holidays were treated with such importance and enthusiasm that doesn’t really exist at the high school level. That inspired the Unified Theatre Club to host their own Valentine’s Day Party on Monday, February 13th.

The Valentine’s party was something many students looked forward to in the upcoming weeks every year. A specific tradition that is looked upon with fond memories by most is the making of Valentine’s Day mailboxes.

“Unified Theater is a club that celebrates love and inclusivity,” said student Rosie Christophel, an executive board member of Unified Theatre. “That’s why we hosted this party, because everyone deserves to feel loved on Valentine’s Day.”

The party was located in the seminar room with crafts, games, and many snacks as well as an open invitation for anyone to attend.

“It ended up being a lot of fun,” said Anusha Ivaturi, a junior who attended the party. She hadn’t been to any previous club meetings, but was welcomed with open arms at the party and had an amazing experience.

The club is an inclusive space for anyone to put on some form of an entertainment show and they meet every Wednesday in the Seminar room. They have put on many creative shows in the past that are centered around just having fun with equal opportunities, something that is often overlooked in showbiz. This Valentine’s Day party was one of many examples of the club’s generosity and sense of community.