Top 3 Nostalgic Halloween Movies


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Hello to all the witches, ghouls, and goblins out there. Here’s a throwback to your childhood and possible adulthood Halloween movie favs. From Hocus Pocus to Scream, we got all the classics ranked. 

Number 1: Hocus Pocus (1993)

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No doubt almost everyone has watched Hocus Pocus at least once during their childhood. Hocus Pocus follows an evil cauldron of witches. The witches in question are the notorious Sanderson sisters (Winifred, Sarah, and Mary). 

On October 31st, 1693, in Salem Massachusetts, Thackeray Binx wakes to find that his sister is being drawn to the woods by Sarah Sanderson singing a song. As Binxs runs into the woods to save his sister he finds the witches’ cabin and confronts them, yet he fails to save his sister and her life force is drained, causing the witches to be young once again. After he watches his sister die, the witches turn into a black cat and Binx’s cursed to live forever with the guilt of not saving Emily’s life. After the townsfolk learn about what the witches have done, they hang the witches but not before they make a black flame candle that can bring them back to life on a full moon on Halloween by a virgin for one day yet they die at sunrise. Binxs guards the cottage so no one can bring the witches back. 

Three entire centuries later, on October 31st, 1993, Max Dennison is forced to take his sister Dani out trick-or-treating, where they meet Max’s crush, Allison. The three of them sneak into the Sanderson’s cottage, which was turned into a abandoned museum, where Max stupidly lights the Black Flame Candle. The witches return and try to take Dani’s life force, but Max comes to the rescue and saves her. 

At the end of the film, Winifred attempts to use the last of her potion to take Dani’s life force. Binxs comes out and jumps at her knocking the potion out of her hand and into Max’s which he drinks, forcing them to take him instead of his little sister. The sun starts to rise as Winifred is about to finish off Max. During the fight for their life, Allison, Dani, and Billy (Sarah’s ex-lover) fend off Mary and Sarah. Max and Winifred struggle in the air, and fall to the hollow ground of the graveyard making Winifred turn into stone. All the witches die, and, with them dead, Binx’s curse is lifted allowing him to finally meet his sister in the afterlife. 

Number 2: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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There’s no doubt you haven’t seen this movie at least once as a Halloween Classic or as a Christmas/Halloween Classic most commonly known as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas. 

The holidays are split into towns. This story takes place in Halloween Town (sounds like the other Halloween movie right) a place with a population of only monsters and other things associated with Halloween. Jack Skeleton, the protagonist, is known throughout the town as the Pumpkin King; he is the leader of the town and helps organize Halloween every year. This year, he is just sick and tired of doing the same thing year after year after year, and he wants something new. 

Walking through the woods the following morning, he stumbles into six trees all leading to different holiday-themed worlds. His eyes land onto the Christmas town themed tree. In awe of the holiday, Jack heads home to show his family and friends what the new holiday is all about, yet they are unaware of what Christmas is; they compare it all to Halloween. 

However, Jack does compare to one Christmas Town character, the town’s ruler Santa Clause, or “Sandy Claws” as Jack accidentally calls him. Jack traps himself in his house to study it and rationally explain what it is. After experimentation and studying gets nothing done, Jack decides Christmas should be improved rather than understood thus he announces that Halloween Town is taking over Christmas this year. 

Number 3: Spookley the Square Pumpkin (2004)


Living at Holiday Farm, two bats, bug-eating Boris and bug-loving vegetarian Bella, discover an unusual shape in the pumpkin patch and race to inform the scarecrow, Jack, of what they saw: a tiny and innocent square pumpkin. Whose name is Spookley. Jack immediately likes Spookley, but Little Tom and the small pumpkin attached to the vines of Big Tom start to bully Spookley saying “only round pumpkins are real pumpkins.” 

Jack organizes the annual “Jack-o-Lympics,” an athletic contest to determine the “pick of the pumpkin patch,” three spiders are sympathetic when they see Spookley and help him in the “Jack-o-Lympics,” yet they are scamming him by helping him to get the candy corn crown for themselves. Throughout the competition, Little Tom and Big Tom get disqualified over and over leaving BoBo, a female pumpkin, to win most of the events. Spookley is a faulie in all the events, leaving him to feel discouraged. 

BoBo is crowned winner, and the spiders leave Spookley for the crown. BUT WAIT there’s a huge wind storm, pushing the pumpkins everywhere and pinning Jack under a flaming tree branch. Since Spookley is square, he doesn’t roll away when the wind hits him, and through some sheer willpower and determination, he puts out the fire on the branch Jack is stuck under and saves his fellow pumpkins from being washed down river. All the pumpkins are thankful.